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  • Independent Study Ranks Hyster Company No. 1 in Brand Satisfaction

    GREENVILLE, N.C. (December 5, 2011)  – In an independent survey conducted by Peerless Media Research Group, Hyster Company ranked No. 1 in brand satisfaction. Current customers of leading lift truck brands including Toyota, Crown and Raymond were evaluated.

    “It is truly a testament to our associates’ hard work that we received the top-place ranking in brand satisfaction,” said Jonathan Dawley, president of Hyster Distribution. “This award represents not only our commitment to producing durable, long-lasting products, but also to the outstanding dealer base that drives customer satisfaction every day.”

    Peerless Media Research Group’s study surveyed individuals in September 2011 who indicated that they were involved in their company’s lift truck purchase process. The sample group was selected from its Logistics Management subscriber base and represented leading lift truck brands including Hyster, Toyota, Crown and Raymond. The results were based on 540 qualified respondents with a margin of error of ± 4.3 percent.

    “This is the second No. 1 award that Hyster has received in a four-month span,” continued Dawley. “The first resulted from a July Peerless survey in which Hyster® lift trucks ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for total cost of ownership. Together, our two No. 1 awards are helping propel Hyster to the forefront of the lift truck industry – showcasing our strength in the aftermarket and parts and service arenas.

    About Hyster Company
    Based in Greenville, N.C., Hyster Company ( is a leading worldwide lift truck designer and manufacturer. Hyster Company offers 130 models configured for gasoline, LPG, diesel and electric power, with the widest capacity range in the industry — from 2,000 to 115,000 lbs. Supported by the industry’s largest and most experienced dealer network, Hyster Company builds tough, durable lift trucks that deliver high productivity, low total cost of ownership, easy serviceability and advanced ergonomic features; accompanied by outstanding parts, service and training support. In an independent survey conducted by Peerless Media Research Group, the full line of Hyster Company lift trucks ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for total cost of ownership in 2011.

    Hyster Company is an operating division of NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG), which employs approximately 5,000 people worldwide. NMHG is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NACCO Industries, Inc. (NYSE:NC).

    For more information, please contact:
    Brett Turner
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  • Lift Truck Basics – You CAN be a Forklift Expert!

    Seven years ago when I first started at MH Equipment, I remember how confusing it was to learn all of the different lift truck types and options available. I had previously come from the insurance business and hadn’t as of yet had the privilege of working in the material handling industry. Since I was new to the industry and obviously had a lot to learn, I began seeking out resources that could help me to become the ‘forklift expert’ I was determined to be. I wanted to be able to answer questions such as:

    For most of you that have been in the material handling industry for years, you know that these are some of the most basic things that you should know about forklifts. However, for those that are new to the industry, or like me are still learning, being able to find the right resources to help you expand your material handling knowledge is essential. That is why I wanted to pass along a couple of links that helped me to learn more about lift trucks and the material handling industry.

    Although I am still not a ‘forklift expert’, finding and having these resources on hand have definitely helped me along the way. I am still confident that I will reach my goal of being a ‘forklift expert’ – someday.

    What are some resources that have helped you learn more about lift trucks or kept you up to date on the material handling industry?

  • MH Equipment Omaha Branch Helps Flood Victims

    On June 1, the Missouri River flood reached the Sioux City area. Some businesses and home owners had to evacuate while others built levees to protect their properties. Two of our resident technicians, Jeremy Smith and Pat Anderson, decided to get involved to help out their community.

    Jeremy was at the Tyson-Dakota City facility where they were scrambling to build a levee around their waste water treatment. He asked how he could help and offered to bring lift trucks in to move sand bags. Jeremy called the Omaha branch and arranged for Hyster rentals to be shipped in. He dedicated many hours of his personal time and charity time that week moving sand bags to help his community.

    Pat Anderson was at the Tyson headquarters located in Dakota Dunes where they were also trying to build a levee around their facility. Pat coordinated getting a rental truck and helped them with their needs. He devoted many personal hours along with his charity time to help save this community.

    On Saturday, June 4th, Jeremy and Pat along with our Material Handling Specialist, Barry Cahoon, devoted their day helping Tyson build a levee around their facility. The response from Tyson has been overwhelming with gratitude for our contribution and the efforts to save their facility and community.

    In addition to Jeremy, Pat, and Barry, Service tech John Ebert has also shown his support for the community by devoting his personal time sand bagging.

    The Missouri River continues to rise in the Council Bluffs and Omaha areas. With levees breaking around us, MH employees and families have to be prepared to evacuate their homes at any given time. The river in our area has reached an all time record of 36 feet.

    The Omaha branch has done an outstanding job showing the community that People Matter.

  • Guest Blog by Material Handling Network

    It goes beyond getting the latest and greatest equipment or doing this year what your competition did last year. “Best practices” in the material handling industry encompasses the correlation between your operations and costs and how best to communicate it. It’s imperative to ask and to know: are you getting the best returns on your investments?

    While making your evaluation, keep this in mind: best practices are always business-specific, even for businesses in the same industry. It begins with understanding your product and your target. Every operation – from warehouse materials to transportation systems – is incredibly unique and calls for great attention to detail.

    It’s important to define mission-critical functions and project processes. For example: Who is your primary communication with? What are your client’s needs and do you possess the means to satisfy them? Are you the best solution to their problem?

    A project begins at implementation, and it’s crucial to have a teamwork-mentality from the start. If an operations manager implements projects and the project manager discovers after some investigation it’s either inoperable or doesn’t fit objectives, it will hit a communications roadblock. To avoid such issues, create a robust communications plan that spells out what information gets disseminated where.

    How can it be accomplished?

    With technology, it places the focus on the minimization of touch labor and the reconfiguration of value-add operations and handling distribution services. And as modern day material handling solutions become more complex, the higher degree of technology ensures that solutions are logically integrated into the operations process.

    Today, material handling services focus on being affordable, supportable and reliable, aiming to deliver uncompromised services and communications—from start to finish—and set the industry standard.

    Thank you for the great insights Material Handling Network. Check out the MHN blog at

  • Persistence Pays Off

    MH Equipment Demonstrates Its Worth  

    In sales, persistence pays off. Just ask Hersh Atkinson, account rep at the Columbus, Ohio, branch of MH Equipment (Mossville, IL), who had been calling on a large distributor of glass and adhesive products for almost 10 years before finally getting a foot in the door in 2009. “It was a matter of getting the attention of the right people,” Atkinson says. “The decision-makers were closed-minded about the equipment they had on hand and always wanted to stay with the existing vendors. When some new people came on board, they were willing to listen to alternatives.”


    The customer was building a large distribution center and put the project out for bid. Atkinson was included on the bid list and went to work preparing a solution. The project included sit-down electric lift trucks for loading and unloading trucks and placing products in racks, as well as reach trucks and order pickers for order fulfillment.  

    Atkinson worked with Hyster Company to round up one of each model of truck that the customer wanted and delivered them to the East Coast location with the help of another Hyster dealer in the area. “You’re only as good as your service after the sale, so our partner dealer was instrumental in delivery and proving that we could support the customer’s needs,” Atkinson says.  

    All the hard work paid off with an order of more than 30 trucks worth more than $500,000. Once Atkinson was awarded the deal, he had an eight-week window to build and deliver the units. “That was a challenge for the factory, but the whole team at Hyster pulled through and made it happen,” Atkinson says.  

    The customer was so happy with Atkinson and MH that they have since ordered a subsequent project of similar size. Just goes to show what a little persistence can do.  

  • Words We Live By

    People, Passion, Purpose. You’ve seen the phrase under our logo, on our websites, and on other social platforms, but what do they mean? Those three words are more than a tagline; they’re words we honor 24 hours a day.

    People Matter. We treat MH employees fairly and with respect and in turn they treat our customers, vendors and community partners fairly and with respect.  Conducting ourselves in appreciation that all people matter is a basic tenet of our vision.

     Passion Inspires. Passion is the key to living life well. We strive to provide opportunities and assistance for those who are dedicated to serve our communities and business.

     Purpose Unites. We have a purpose to serve and improve the lives of others. When we embrace that purpose, significant accomplishments are achieved.

     In addition to selling high-quality material handling equipment, we also provide personal customer service with passion , establishing MH Equipment as a trustworthy partner and an employer of choice.

    We always want to hear from you so we can continue to improve, so we encourage all customers to fill out a testimonial or take our Customer Survey located on our website.