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  • What is your Fleet Costing You? Find out now…

    When it comes to optimizing and managing your fleet assets, the more information you have the better, and the better the information, the more effectively and efficiently you can improve your facility’s operating environment. Throughout the year, MH Equipment has hosted several Fleet Seminars at our branches across the Midwest.  These seminars have been a great way for our customers to learn more about the products and capabilities MH Equipment offers to help manage your material handling fleet.

    What is an MH Equipment Fleet Seminar?

    MH Equipment’s Fleet Seminar presentations focus on providing customers with a better understanding of MH’s passion for fleet management. It is our desire to treat our customer’s fleets with a stewardship approach – to take careful management of the assets that they entrust into our care. We appreciate our customers do not want to be in the fork lift or repair business, but need the equipment because it adds value to their business.

    During our presentations, we share the benefits of a good fleet program. MH’s approach benefits the customer in many ways including:

    Experience has taught us that executing the right balance among these benefits is key to a successful fleet effort.

    We also discuss the importance of the right tools. MH believes a good program needs the right support, experience, processes and plans, and passion.  MH is dedicated to providing the people, materials, information, and partnership to effectively deliver a fleet program that achieves those goals. Our experience helps us assist customers of all sizes, with single locations to facilities across the country. MH employs a fleet process that aids in understanding our customer’s needs, developing a plan, implementing it, and monitoring it.

    We will also provide a demonstration of our web-based Fleet Application. The demonstration highlights the information rich dashboard, the ability to pinpoint specific information, helpful alerts and recommendations, numerous reports providing information about costs, usage, PMs, leases, rentals, avoidable damage, and more. The software also allows users to manage repairs with a paperless process that provides details about labor, parts, technician notes, costs, hour meter reading, and more. The feature can also be used by as a work order process by customers that perform their own maintenance.

    MH Equipment offers several ways for our customers to get started building a fleet plan today. MH has the resources,  experience, and passion to help right away. This often begins with MH surveying the fleet and helping determine baseline costs and objectives.

    There are still dates and locations available if you are interested in attending one of MH Equipment’s Fleet Seminars! If you weren’t able to attend the seminar in your area, or would like more information about MH Equipment’s Fleet Services or Software, please contact a member of the fleet team and we’d be happy to provide an on-site demo for your company!

    Visit for more information about the MH Equipment Fleet Software!



  • Timely Replacement of Lift Trucks

    Replacing older, less efficient lift trucks at the right time can reduce your maintenance costs, improve your productivity and, most importantly, save money and maximize your return on investment. As a result, your profitability goes up. In an economic downturn, there is a tendency to postpone the purchase of new equipment. This may be a costly mistake.

    When lift truck fleets are not maintained appropriately or utilized efficiently, downtime increases, productivity is reduced and you end up spending money when you should be making money. This affects your bottom line when more money is being spent on a poorly maintained fleet that doesn’t perform as cost effectively as it should. So how do you determine the right time to make a new, significant purchase?


  • Hyster Recognized as Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner

    GREENVILLE, N.C. (Oct. 16, 2012) – Being tough in rugged applications does not have to translate to being tough on the environment. Hyster Company was recently recognized as one of Inbound Logistics’ 75 Green Supply Chain Partners for its energy-saving lift truck design and environmentally-friendly company policies.

    “Hyster may be tough, but we will always be working towards creating an environmentally-friendly workplace and providing energy efficient lift trucks to our customers,” said Jonathan Dawley, president of Hyster Distribution. “Our trucks are durable and are geared to combat fuel and energy costs for both IC and electric truck users. To be recognized by Inbound Logistics is an honor and validation of our efforts.”

    The 75 Supply Chain Partners were selected based on their sustainability innovation, industry recognition, measurable green results and continuous improvement in each of these areas. The list is intended as a green buyers guide for Inbound Logistics’ readers looking to work with sustainable providers.

    In the Green 75 announcement, Hyster is recognized for continuing to design and manufacture energy-saving electric lift trucks that conserve energy when lowering loads, as well as when braking. In addition to these zero-emission solutions, the company was also praised for their extensive recycling programs on all Hyster sites, which promote the re-use of wood, paper products, metals, electronics, lift truck batteries, tires and oil.

    About Hyster Company
    Based in Greenville, N.C., Hyster Company ( is a leading worldwide lift truck designer and manufacturer. Hyster Company offers 130 models configured for gasoline, LPG, diesel and electric power, with the widest capacity range in the industry — from 2,000 to 115,000 lbs. Supported by one of the industry’s largest and most experienced dealer networks, Hyster Company builds tough, durable lift trucks that deliver high productivity, low total cost of ownership, easy serviceability and advanced ergonomic features; accompanied by outstanding parts, service and training support.

    Hyster Company is part of NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. (NYSE:HY). Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. and its subsidiaries employ approximately 5,300 people worldwide and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

    For more information, please contact:
    Ryan Fisher
    Jackson Marketing Group

    MH Equipment is proud to offer the full line of Hyster lift trucks.  For more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact MH Equipment today!

  • Look Around for Safety | Harvest


    Because of the hot summer and drought across much of the Midwest, farmers are getting an

    earlier start than usual harvesting their fields.  The large, slow moving equipment can cause many hazards on the road.  As always want our customers and employees to be safe.

    Below are some tips and things to consider as you encounter this type of equipment on the road this year and every year.

    Difference in speeds: Most farm machinery is transported at 25mph or less while other vehicles travel faster. The difference causes motorist to miscalculate how fast they are approaching the farm machinery.

    Large equipment: Farm machinery is very large sometimes extending into several lanes of traffic creating a hazardous situation.

    Poor visibility: Corners, hills, curves and other blind spots reduce a motorist’s ability to see farm equipment pulling onto the roadway.

    Outdated equipment: Older equipment may have poor lighting which makes it difficult to see.

    Towing equipment too fast: The equipment may start to sway and cause the operator to lose control.

    Harvest: Heavy increase in farm machinery traffic during harvest season can produce a hazard for motorists.

    Operator error: You may be an alert and cautious driver, but the farm equipment/operator may cause hazards, such as, a tractor with bald tires or no brakes, passengers that could fall off, poor road conditions like large potholes that could cause the operator to lose control or equipment sliding off a trailer due to improper tie down.

    Thank you for Being Safe in the Moment this day and EVERYDAY!
    For more information about MH Equipment’s safety and training programs, please visit our website!

  • How much is your fleet costing you?

    MH Equipment invites you to attend our Fleet Management Seminar and Luncheon. Learn the benefits of Fleet Management such as:

    Reduction of costs: we’ll discuss how to reduce your service and parts expenses, how to save on your rental spend and equipment costs, and how to virtually eliminate abuse expenses.

    Productivity increases: we’ll discuss how you can increase your productivity with improved periodic maintenance and repairs as well as having the appropriate equipment specifications.

    Making more informed business decisions: we’ll discuss setting goals and measuring them for utilization, usage, costs per hour, abuse cost in ways meaningful to your business. We will also share ways to make decisions about fleet replacement, rotation, retirement, and retention, and creating a culture of accountability and involvement.

    Having the right tools: we’ll discuss the tools you need for a successful fleet management program and view a demo of MH Equipment’s new MH Fleet Management Software Solution.

    If you have any questions about this event, please contact your local MH Equipment representative or call 515-698-9768. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!