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  • 2020 Purpose Unites Food Bank Donations

    Across the Midwest, MH Equipment, a material handling equipment dealer, is doing its part to help not only their employees, but also their local communities, during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

    One of the company’s values is investing in communities for a positive impact by coming alongside employees’ passions with support and financial assistance through the company’s His First Foundation charitable program.

    As a steward of the community, MH Equipment recognized the food shortages community food banks and pantries faced and continue to face in light of the pandemic. In answer to this hardship, the company launched the “Purpose Unites” campaign, providing employees the opportunity to automatically deduct part of their paycheck to provide needed support to local food banks.

    In just four days, MH Equipment employees across the company’s 33 locations raised nearly $187,000 with the Foundation’s help. All money raised is being distributed to local food banks and pantries in each of the MH Equipment locations.

    The pandemic has also forced many companies to reduce employees’ hours and pay, if not furlough or lay off staff. With many customers pausing or decreasing their operations, some of MH Equipment’s services are experiencing less demand in certain locations. MH Equipment, however, has found a unique way to keep those departments employed while simultaneously giving back to the local community.

    “One of the pillars of MH Equipment is ‘People Matter,’” says John Wieland, MH Equipment CEO. “Our employees have worked hard over the years to build a successful company, and it is only natural for the company to stand by our employees during this unique economy and not lay off any employee due to COVID-19.”

    Throughout the month of April, MH Equipment saw more than 4,000 hours of paid, volunteer community service time across the Midwest states the company serves. This time was paid by MH Equipment’s His First Foundation charitable program.

    These employees have helped out in a variety of ways, such as helping food banks with loading/unloading trucks, meal delivery, and packaging; making masks; mowing yards for the elderly and non-profit organizations; as well as using their technical skills to assist with light mechanical work on fire engines at volunteer fire departments.

    “The current climate was a perfect way to bring these two beliefs together — keeping our employees fully employed, and serving our communities,” Wieland said.

  • May 2020 Employee Health Newsletter

    At MH Equipment, we believe People Matter and that is why we partner with Gallagher to share helpful tips and tricks for staying healthy. This month, we’re focusing on Screen-Free Connections! We focus on Team Sports and Exercise Classes, Fun in the Sun – Without the Sunburn and Tips on Four Weeks to Smartphone Freedom! With the weather warming up and people eager to be outside during the pandemic, we hope these tips will be of value to everyone.

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  • Video: Mountain Mission delivers emergency food boxes to seniors

    There is no more important time than now to help support our local communities. Food banks are in need of volunteers and financial and food donations to help serve those in need. Find your local food bank to help today:

  • April 2020 Employee Health Newsletter

    At MH Equipment, we believe People Matter and that is why we partner with Gallagher to share helpful tips and tricks for staying healthy. This month, we’re focusing on Defeating Your Diet Killers, Exploring the Great Outdoors, and Staying Motivated and Beating Your Boredom. There is a lot going on in the world right now and hopefully, these articles will give you some tips to help get through this crisis – from beating the boredom to getting outdoors! We hope that these articles have something to offer for everyone!

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  • MH Equipment Awarded Prestigious Dealer Awards by Hyster-Yale Group


    MH Equipment received two major recognitions from Hyster-Yale Group for its focused leadership and success in the industry – the 2019 Hyster Dealer of Distinction and 2019 Yale Dealer of Excellence awards.

    MH Equipment’s Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio South regions were awarded the 2019 Hyster Dealer of Distinction recognition, and the Iowa and Ohio North regions earned the 2019 Yale Dealer of Excellence Award.

    These awards recognize the most elite Hyster and Yale dealers who have driven their companies to the highest level of sales and service performance. Moreover, criteria for these awards is constantly evolving to ensure recognized dealers are adapting to and aligning with changing industry demands and customer expectations.

    To achieve these elite recognitions, dealers must demonstrate excellence in customer satisfaction, service, rental, new unit sales, aftermarket, training, engineered products, as well as general management.

    To make those accomplishments in 2019 more significant, MH Equipment is one of only four companies to have received both a Hyster Dealer of Distinction recognition and a Yale Dealer of Excellence award for its work in the previous year.

    “Every year, recipients demonstrate their willingness to enhance capabilities and commitment to the safety of their associates, while meeting the increasingly demanding recognition criteria,” said Bob Sattler, Vice President of Dealer Business Development at Hyster-Yale Group. “The consistency in which they stand out amongst a talented network of dealers is remarkable.”

  • To Our Valued Customers and Community

    MH Equipment continues to monitor the changing landscape as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the United States. We understand there are concerns regarding keeping businesses running effectively and efficiently during this time - especially when several industries around our communities are being forced to close temporarily.

    We want to take this time to clarify that MH Equipment is classified as an Essential Business, as defined by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), an agency in the Department of Homeland Security, and further state all of our facilities are open and ready to support our customers in the critical supply chain network.

    While it is important to assist our customers with their material handling needs, we understand we must do so as safely as possible. Therefore, we are following all governmental and CDC recommendations, including but not limited to:

    • Restriction of all non-essential business travel including all commercial and personal vehicular travel between our locations.
    • Social distancing and increased attention to hygiene practices - hand washing, routine disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and refraining from handshakes.
    • Paying close attention to personal well-being and consulting a doctor at the first indication of potential coronavirus symptoms.
    • Self-reporting and quarantine if in contact with someone known to have coronavirus.

    Additionally, we have highlighted below considerations and procedural changes we are implementing for our customers to ensure safe business transactions:

    For Customers:

    • Sales and Product Support:  We know purchasing equipment and product support are still services our customers need. To accommodate your requests and questions, we ask that you please reach out via email, text, or phone call to one of our many sales representatives or contact us on our website at We will help determine the best method to address your needs.
    • Service: To ensure your operation stays up and running, MH Equipment has a variety of options to service your equipment. Our team of service professionals can assist with making arrangements for equipment pick-up and delivery to our local facility for service or a field service technician can be dispatched to your location for either inside or outside your facility service. We are offering 24/7 servicing options as needed - Give us a call and we’ll find a solution!

    • Parts: We are fulfilling parts orders and ask you to please call one of our parts team members to place your order. We would be happy to coordinate and schedule a parts pick-up that will allow safe social distancing for all of us.  

    • Rental: Rental equipment is still available for your short-term and long-term needs. Please call your local branch for availability and to schedule a pick-up or drop-off. We can still deliver rental equipment to jobsites as normal and will ensure social distancing is practiced to keep our team and your team safe.

    We value the relationships we have with our customers and understand these are challenging times. However, although these unprecedented times are challenging, we must remember this: We are Americans...We persevere...We are strong and resilient... We care for our families and neighbors…We give sacrificially in the hard times... and We have always come out stronger on the other end of National and World Challenges. It is who we are as a people. At MH Equipment, we will do our part to help mitigate the negatives of this current situation and have no doubt our customers and communities will do the same.

    If you have any concerns, please contact an MH Equipment representative at any of our locations across the Midwest.

  • 5 Reasons to Give MH Equipment a Chance to Earn Your Service

    As a professional in the material handling industry, you know maintenance is a critical component of your operations – you also know needing it can be expensive, time-consuming, and interruptive.

    That is why it’s important to evaluate your service partners and their effectiveness – you and your business deserve a timely and professional response that protects your bottom line by keeping your equipment up and running. After all, a strong maintenance relationship can be an incredible competitive advantage to a company that relies on the uptime of its equipment.

    With nearly 70 years in the industry, MH Equipment has developed relationships with numerous companies for their material handling needs – one of the largest needs being equipment maintenance. Below are five reasons why you should consider MH Equipment to be your trusted partner when it comes to professional and reliable service work:

    1. Two types of service plans with cost-effective rates and payments

      The cost of acquiring a lift truck is only 20 percent of the total ownership cost you can expect to incur over its effective lifetime. Without planning and controlling the remaining cost, your business may be hindered with the unexpected, such as unscheduled downtime, higher operation costs, lower productivity, or reduced equipment service life. You can protect that remaining 80 percent of your investment with a reliable maintenance plan.

      We understand our customers’ unique needs, and we strive to accommodate while helping them maximize the life of their equipment. That’s why we offer two types of service agreements: the periodic maintenance plan and the total maintenance agreement.

      Our periodic maintenance plan means our highly-trained technicians are periodically looking over your equipment to point out any potential problems before they become a bigger, more expensive issue for you down the road. This plan also removes the burden of fulfilling OSHA requirements to maintain your equipment with a fixed rate per service. It includes procedures and items like:

      • Oil change and fluid refill
      • Filter replacement
      • Lubrication of moving parts
      • Safety, operational, and comprehensive inspections
      • Work documentation detailing inspection results and repair recommendations
      • The ability to schedule maintenance at your convenience

      The total maintenance plan includes all of the above periodic maintenance items, plus any diagnosed equipment failures or repairs (excluding avoidable damage and tires), such as:

      • Breakdown repairs
      • Failed component and wear items replacement
      • Tune-up adjustments

      Our comprehensive, total maintenance plan helps equipment last longer, run better, and have less downtime and a better resale value. Additionally, this plan has a fixed monthly fee for the life of the agreement, typically ranging from 12-72 months.

      2. Highly-skilled technicians that get the job done right the first time

        As one of the largest employers of trained material handling equipment service technicians in North America, we make it a point to attract and hire the best technicians and invest in their careers by offering best-in-class training. In fact, our certified technicians have an average of 15 years’ experience.

        We know and understand the investment you have in your equipment and how important it is to your daily operations. Our technicians are transparent in practice and passionate about being a steward of our customers’ resources well – we ask them to maintain equipment as if they were the owner of that equipment, ensuring your investment is being well looked after.

        Our skilled technicians can also handle any equipment repair for any make or model of material handling equipment. From lift trucks to sweeper-scrubbers and beyond, we can repair it all.

        Overall, our goals are for you to feel valued like your needs were handled professionally and efficiently in our Service Department, and you were satisfied with the condition of your equipment after being serviced.

        3. Relieving the burden of downtime so you can regain focus on your operations

          We understand every minute your machine isn’t moving affects your bottom line. Our maintenance plans and Service Department can ease that pressure, allowing you to maintain focus on the demands of your business.

          Because your equipment is a series of moving and wearing parts, the more it’s used, the more wear and tear the components develop. That wear and tear translates into equipment that doesn’t run as efficiently, is at an increased risk of breaking down, and is a potential safety hazard for equipment operators.

          When one of our technicians inspects your equipment, you can count on service and recommendations meant to keep your equipment in safe and working order – and maybe even save you some dollars down the road. With regular and professional maintenance, your equipment will perform at a higher level throughout the span of its life, improving uptime, operator safety, and ultimately your bottom line.

          4. Service when and where you need it

            With 28 servicing locations across the Midwest and 24/7 emergency road service, you can count on MH Equipment to be the reliable partner you can call on when things aren’t running so smoothly.

            Our fleet of GPS-monitored service vans carries a valuable inventory of parts and tools to get your equipment repaired and running again as quickly as possible. Moreover, we have a fully-staffed Parts Department with more than $7 million of parts inventory backing up the talent of our technicians.

            We have the capability to come to your location, bringing with us the tools, parts, and know-how to get the job done right the first time, so you can get back to business as usual.

            5. Fulfilled service promises to customers

              Our company vision is to be regarded as an employer of choice, a trustworthy partner, and an ethical market leader in our communities by providing our customers with innovative solutions and unparalleled value.

              In line with our company vision, we view our maintenance plans as a promise to our customers. We promise to:

              • Be good stewards of your equipment and resources;
              • Be transparent about our practices; and
              • Provide a positive, professional service experience.

              We fulfill our promises by sending well-trained, professional technicians to help you get back up and running, as well as to consult you on best practices that can maximize the life of your equipment and minimize avoidable maintenance spending in the future.

              You deserve to have a service partner you can trust and rely on. With more than half of our employees being certified service technicians, one of MH Equipment’s major specialties is timely and reliable service, backed with a sturdy parts inventory. When you need to get back up and running, give us a call at 888-564-2191.

            1. March 2020 Employee Health Newsletter

              At MH Equipment, we believe People Matter and that is why we partner with Gallagher to share helpful tips and tricks for staying healthy. This month, we’re focusing on small ways to build a stronger you! We’re giving our employees tips on foods they should be eating and pointing out those foods that should be avoided. We’re also giving some tips on how to Build a Better Budget and finding a Little “Me” time during the normal workday. We hope that these articles have some wonderful insight into important topics!

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            2. 3 Reasons Why an Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is the Answer to Your Needs

              Material Handling professionals understand that every operation is unique with its own particular challenges that require smart and budget-friendly solutions. Electric walkie pallet jacks, like the W45ZHD or MPB045-VG, can offer safety benefits to your operation while improving your bottom line. Below are three reasons you should consider an electric pallet jack as a solution:

              1. Electric Pallet Jacks Lower Risks

                  The main advantage to buying an electric walkie pallet jack vs. a manual pallet jack is the enhancement to the workplace ergonomics. Depending on load weight, manual pallet jacks can put significant strain on the operator’s back, legs, arms, and other parts of the body. Costs associated with injuries can hurt your business’ growth by increasing the chances of insurance claims and lost production time. Safety is always an important factor to consider when buying any piece of equipment and reducing strain on your operators should be an important facet of your safety plan.

                  Along with reducing strain and injury risks in your warehouse, electric pallet jacks can increase the quality of life for the operator. Walkies reduce fatigue compared to manual jacks which allows for operators to move quickly with ease throughout a shift. Over time, being able to move product with confidence, safely and faster, can result in big savings for your company.

                  2. Electric Walkies Solve Space Problems

                    The functions on Hyster or Yale electric pallet jacks allow operators to navigate small areas smoothly by minimizing the space needed to make tight turns in trailers or other compact areas. Other pieces of equipment do not have the capabilities to make such sharp turns and are limited on how they can maneuver around reduced space.

                    An electric pallet jack can be a confidence booster for operators who work in compact spaces. With a quality-made walkie and operator safety training program, operators can maneuver with ease through a work environment of any size knowing they are working with a safety-focused piece of equipment designed to take strain off of the worker. The less energy your employees have to use, the more efficient products can be moved throughout our operation.

                    3. They Save You Big Money

                      In comparison to other types of lift trucks, walkies can be purchased at a lower price point which allows most operations to experience a larger return on investment depending on the application. Electric walkie pallet jacks are a budget-friendly way to add extra value to your fleet. Compared to other material handling truck classes, they require fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance and fewer service calls which can be instrumental in reaching production goals and improving your business’ bottom-line.

                      Avoid emergency service calls by adding the right piece of equipment to your fleet like a cost-effective electric walkie pallet jack and by having a periodic maintenance schedule to keep all your machines working optimally.

                      Every piece of equipment MH Equipment offers can benefit an operation, but our goal is to provide our customers with the right solutions for their particular space. Every business is unique and requires tailored answers. For the right solution for your needs, call your local MH branch today.

                    1. February 2020 Employee Health Newsletter

                      At MH Equipment, we believe People Matter and that is why we partner with Gallagher to share helpful tips and tricks for staying healthy. This month, we’re focusing on volunteering in our communities and choosing an eco-friendly environment. We also talk about getting the best out of your local Farmers’ Markets. We hope that these articles have something to offer for everyone!

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                    2. MH Equipment Receives Industry Performance Award for 4th Consecutive Year

                      PRESS RELEASE:

                      For the fourth year in a row, MH Equipment has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2020 from the material handling industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). The award is based on various accomplishments in 2019.

                      To earn the award, recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria – so rigorous, in fact, that less than 10 percent of the association’s membership receives the award. As a 2020 MVP, MH Equipment has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism, and good stewardship.

                      To qualify for the annual MVP Award, companies are required to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business, including their customers, employees, and suppliers. They must satisfy specific criteria in the following areas:

                      • Industry Advocacy
                      • Business Best Practices
                      • Customer Service & Safety Practices
                      • Continuing Education
                      • Business Networking

                      Having met and exceeded that criteria in 2019, the recognition has MH Equipment looking forward to another year of growing relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

                      “With receiving our fourth consecutive annual MHEDA MVP Award, we are grateful to MHEDA for the public acknowledgment and recognition. It is certainly an accomplishment that allows us to reflect on the importance of our outstanding relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees who really make earning the award possible and quite meaningful. We look forward to proving our commitment to our partners again in 2020,” said Fred Metzger, President, MH Equipment.


                      MH Engineered Solutions
                      has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2020 for their accomplishments in 2019. For the seventh consecutive year, MH Engineered Solutions has earned an MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

                      Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award. As a 2020 MVP, MH Engineered Solutions has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism, and good stewardship.

                      To qualify for the annual MVP Award companies are required to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business including their customers, employees, and suppliers. They must satisfy criteria in the following important areas:

                      • Industry Advocacy

                      • Customer Service & Safety Practices

                      • Business Networking

                      • Continuing Education

                      • Business Best Practices

                      Scott Hennie, MH Engineered Solutions President expressed the following in response to the receiving the award, "Earning the MHEDA MVP designation confirms our commitment to serve our clients with excellence and quality solutions. It also shows our team that we will provide opportunities to nurture and grow with our company. We are honored to receive this award for the seventh year running.”

                      “Achievement of MHEDA’s MVP status represents members who have demonstrated a commitment to their business and its employees, their industry and also to the communities within which they serve,” said Mike Vaughn, 2019 MHEDA Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer of Liftech Equipment Companies in East Syracuse, NY.

                    4. MH Equipment and MYA Logistics Optimizing Your Workflow

                      MYA Logistics
                      and MH Equipment are teamed up to optimize your workflow. 
                    5. Hear From The Manufacture: Your Mariotti Questions Answered

                      A Mariotti forklift is a unique, compact solution perfect for narrow aisles and small spaces. This small but mighty lift is different than other equipment. We sat down with our Mariotti USA manufacturer to get you the answers you need to decide if a Mariotti forklift is right for you and your business.

                      What should I look for when buying narrow aisle equipment?
                      "The key to purchasing narrow aisle equipment is understanding that the forklift doesn’t just “fit” but contributes to safety and productivity while reducing costs. Mariotti is a compact and powerful forklift that offers capacities from 750-3000 lbs. Mariotti lifts are unique, with the ability to work in an aisle as narrow as 33” with a right angle stack as small as 95” making it the perfect solution depending on the needs of a customer."

                      What makes a Mariotti forklift different than other pieces of equipment?
                      "The size of our lifts. We are a unique solution because today’s forklifts are large with capacities starting at 3,000 lbs. and up. Mariotti forklifts start at 750 lbs. and goes to 3,000 lbs."

                      What industries could benefit from owning a Mariotti forklift?
                      "I learn every day that there is a vast variety of vertical markets, businesses, and situations that could benefit from a Mariotti forklift solution. Mariotti's usefulness is only limited by its capacity. Mariotti forklifts are valued solutions of versatile, lightweight, compact material handling needs."

                      What issues are best solved by the use of a Mariotti forklift?
                      "Mariotti forklifts lift light loads in small spaces, primarily. But Mariotti forklifts are also easy to operate and not intimidating to a novice operator or small business owner."

                      In regard to safety, what features does a Mariotti forklift have?
                      "The list is extensive. Mariotti forklifts offer a complete solution from rack and pinion power steering to strobe lighting and back up alarms to emergency power disconnect features to keep operators safe."

                      How easy is it to get replacement parts for a Mariotti forklift?
                      "MH Equipment has a complete catalog of parts available to order for a customer in the rare occurrence the Mariotti forklift needs repair or maintenance parts."

                      What can I expect from a Mariotti dealer like MH Equipment?
                      "Professional, consultative sales professionals. They have access to the tools to help discover the smart solution for the customer. They will have Mariotti forklifts in dealer inventory and rental to ensure the customer has the opportunity to experience a Mariotti first hand."

                      Are you ready for a smart solution for your small space problems? Contact us today or reach out to your local MH Equipment branch.

                    6. December 2019 Employee Health Newsletter

                      At MH Equipment, we believe People Matter and that is why we partner with Gallagher to share helpful tips and tricks for staying healthy. This month, we’re focusing on several topics that come up during the holiday season: Stress Eating, Finances, and Over-Scheduling. Each of these articles highlight areas that can help get you through the holidays without the weight gain, the stress of overspending and putting too many events on the calendar. We hope that each of these articles helps everyone that might start to feel stressed over the holiday season. Happy Holidays.

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