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  • Hi-Lite: Danville, IL

    Amy Bailey is the Operations Manager in Danville. We talk about having an MH Campus here in Danville.  Our office is located off the street down in a holler. We have 3 different out buildings for storage and one little sales office located across the street, in addition to the main office and shop. We have been an active member of Vermilion Advantage (a local economic development organization) for the past several years.  We sponsor several youth organizations and several employees volunteer their time to those same organizations. We are a very close, hardworking group.  Everyone is a valuable member of our team and goes out of their way to help each other and make sure the Danville branch is a success.

    This past summer the Danville Parks department opened “Fetch the Dog Park” just past the branch.  It has been a huge success and sends a lot more traffic by our branch.

    Here are a few fun facts about the branch employees:

    Lynn Citizen is the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie bar maker in the World. We also receive wonderful treats from Lori’s mom, Fran, and Harl Miller’s wife, Deb.  No one will ever go hungry at the Danville Branch.

    Lori, our Receptionist, has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps us rolling all day long – she is very witty and you never know what is going to pop out of her mouth. George Haas, Field Technician, also has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps us smiling!

    Keith Stark our Shop Technician and his 16 year old granddaughter Makayla race go-karts.  Keith builds both the cars and motors and his granddaughter drives them.  This past year she won the Animal Medium Championship, which tends to upset most of the men she races.  Mike Ostrander, our Champaign Resident Technician, and his oldest son Mark, have spent the last several years in the Soap Box

    Derby circuit.  Mark had a very successful career over the past 7 years with 101 wins, 2 time National points Champion Overall, and a 3 time World Finalist.

    MH has sponsored the Cayuga Chaos softball team for the past several years. This year they took home their league championship and won the year end tournament.  They are coached by Amy Bailey, the Danville Operations Manager.

    Lori knows every zip code for a 50 mile radius – she is a fountain of useless information.  If you need to know anything, just ask Lori.

    When our current truck driver started we had 3 John’s working at the branch so he quickly received the nickname “Trucker”.  Even though he is the only John that still works at the Danville branch, he is still known by and will always be called “Trucker”.

  • Words We Live By

    People, Passion, Purpose. You’ve seen the phrase under our logo, on our websites, and on other social platforms, but what do they mean? Those three words are more than a tagline; they’re words we honor 24 hours a day.

    People Matter. We treat MH employees fairly and with respect and in turn they treat our customers, vendors and community partners fairly and with respect.  Conducting ourselves in appreciation that all people matter is a basic tenet of our vision.

     Passion Inspires. Passion is the key to living life well. We strive to provide opportunities and assistance for those who are dedicated to serve our communities and business.

     Purpose Unites. We have a purpose to serve and improve the lives of others. When we embrace that purpose, significant accomplishments are achieved.

     In addition to selling high-quality material handling equipment, we also provide personal customer service with passion , establishing MH Equipment as a trustworthy partner and an employer of choice.

    We always want to hear from you so we can continue to improve, so we encourage all customers to fill out a testimonial or take our Customer Survey located on our website.

  • Getting Connected

    Welcome to MH Equipment’s new blog!

    We’re excited to begin our blogging journey. On our blog, can expect to find relevant and useful information regarding the material handling industry, our company and more. Along the way, please offer any suggestions and/or comments you might have as to how we can make this a better ‘read’ for you.

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