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  • Quick Tips To Be OSHA Compliant When Using A Forklift

    Whether you’re brand new to the material handling industry or you’ve been around forklifts and large material handling equipment for decades, safety reminders are always beneficial.

    It just takes one person making one unsafe decision in one moment to cause a big, irreversible problem.

    At MH Equipment, we take safety very seriously. Our slogan is to “Be safe in the moment.” We preach this reminder consistently to our staff. Take each day moment by moment. Look around. Make a safe decision in each and every moment.

    OSHA standards require many different safety features and behaviors in order to keep forklift operators safe in the moment. The most important thing about forklift operation is that the drivers and pedestrians go home safe at the end of the day.

    Safety is a topic that cannot be taken lightly. We encourage you to take a few minutes today to read through this list of safety topics. Refresh your staff with frequent trainings and reminders to keep these ideas in mind each and every day they are operating or working near a forklift. You should review the entire OSHA standards regularly, but this list is a quick reminder that will go a long way in between full safety reviews.

    Eight Safety Tips to Exercise On or Near a Forklift

    #1. Age and Certification

    All forklift operators are required to be over the age of 18 and to have completed the operation skill training course. This training must be renewed every three years and is offered at a variety of our locations.

    #2. Visual Inspection

    Always complete a visual inspection before using a forklift. Most forklift operators are not technicians, so it’s important that you’re only doing a visual inspection. Look for leaks, objects in the way of the unit, or issues with the tires or forks. If you see a leak, do not touch it. Don’t place your hand under or into anything in order to feel for cracks or leaks. This is a visual inspection only, because the leak could contain hazardous chemicals that could cause serious injury. Leave the leaks to the professionals. If you see a leak be sure to report it to your supervisor and in the meantime, use a different piece of equipment.

    #3 Seat Belt

    Every time you’re operating a forklift you should be wearing your seatbelt. Many makes and models now have a bright red seat belt which makes it obvious to pedestrians and supervisors whether or not you have the belt in place. Do your part to also remind your coworkers this is a necessity. It just takes a moment to buckle it in place, so be safe in the moment.

    #4 Speed

    Obey the speed limit in your warehouse. Remember that forklift speed isn’t only about the operator being able to safely maneuver the machine, but also about the safety of the pedestrians walking near the unit. Driving at a responsible speed ensures the driver stays alert and is able to react in plenty of time, while also giving pedestrians ample time to see equipment approaching.

    #5 Use a Spotter

    To increase safety and decrease damage in small areas, enlist the help of a spotter. Driving a forklift with obstructed views due to shelves, racks and even the mast arms on the lift itself can increase the chances of injury, damage to the forklift, or damage to the load or storage system. By working with a spotter who can give hand signals and verbal cues, you will drastically increase the safety in those tight, hard-to-see spaces.

    #6 Three Touch Points

    When you’re entering and exiting the forklift at the beginning or the end of use, always use the 3 Touch Point system. A hand and two feet, or two hands and a foot should always be touching the unit as you climb up or down. Never jump from the unit or step into it without some extra support from the handles. Those handles are there for a reason, so use them!

    #7 Sound the Horn

    Use the horn around corners or in low visibility areas. Never assume others will see you coming. The honking of your horn is a simple safety procedure that should be in place in every material handling business. It’s a little habit that goes a long way when it comes to safety. People get distracted, or they may not be looking in your direction, so give them every opportunity to know you’re operating a large piece of equipment and you’re headed their way.

    #8 Turning

    Slow down when turning. As we pointed out in tip #4, speed can impact both the driver’s ability to operate the forklift safely and the pedestrians ability to stay clear of the unit, but speed around corners should also be addressed. Always be mindful that turning can make it hard for others to see you coming. Not only that, but corners increase the need to be aware of the load you are carrying. Turning too quickly can cause a load and thereby the forklift itself to become unbalanced, so be sure to slow down as you approach each and every turn. Safety in every moment is the only way.

    #9 Lower the Forks

    Drive the forklift with the forks lowered to about 4-6 inches off the ground. You never want to drag the forks along the ground, nor do you want to drive with them too high. Operating a forklift with the forks positioned too high could cause them to make contact with a person or object. Those large metal forks don’t have much give, so keep them near the ground where they won’t hurt anything or anyone.

    4 Unsafe Forklift Practices to Avoid

    Now that we’ve covered some of the more important safety habits we should develop as responsible forklift operators and employee supervisors, we’ll cover a few things NOT to do. Most of them are pretty straight forward, but you never know who might need to be reminded of these things. A brief safety reminder meeting today could prevent a serious accident. Take a minute to remind your staff NOT to do these things.

    #1 DON’T drive over objects

    A piece of wood on the floor, a large rock on the ground, a small metal object--many of these things seem innocent enough for your tough and rugged unit to drive right over, but it’s never a good habit to start. Always encourage your staff to move objects or drive around them instead of driving over them. Not only will it increase their safety and the safety of those near them, but it will increase the life and usability of your forklift tires and the unit in general.

    #2 DON’T carry unstable loads

    Pallets or loads not centered on your forks could cause sliding or tipping that could injure yourself, others, or the load you’re carrying. Always take the extra time to reposition a load whose center of gravity isn’t stable. It may take a few extra minutes to get it positioned properly, but it will be time well spent.

    #3 DON’T allow riders

    All certified forklift drivers know this is not a safe practice, but make sure you’re holding the rest of your coworkers accountable to the same standard. It’s never okay to allow someone to jump on the back of your forklift or to ride on the forks, for any reason. Never compromise on this safety expectation.

    #4 DON’T Carry loads that are too heavy or too tall

    Be mindful of the height of the doorways you’re driving through or other objects that may come in contact with the load you are hauling. It just takes one moment of forgetting this point to cause serious damage. Also, knowing the maximum capacity of your unit in relation to how heavy of a load you are moving is important. If you’re close or over the limit, reduce the size of your load and make multiple trips or find a unit that is better equipped to handle a load of that weight.


    You now have some great talking points to bring back to your team for your next safety meeting. We can’t encourage you enough to have regular reminders for your employees to ‘Be safe in the moment.’

    In fact, we’re so passionate about safety, we want to share one of our resources with you absolutely free of charge. This safety poster is used to remind our forklift operators, technicians, pedestrians and guests of our best safety practices. You can download it now and print it out to use in your warehouse or business. We suggest you hand it somewhere employees will see it every day or every time they use a forklift.

    Again, these safety reminders are just helpful tips to use each day. To ensure you’re fully OSHA compliant, please visit the OSHA website related to forklift operator safety expectations.

    If you’d like more information related to safety in the material handling workplace, please contact one of our safety experts today!

  • MH Engineered Solutions - Distribution and Order Fulfillment Solutions

    From consulting and strategy to layout and design through project management, engineering and installation, MH Engineered Solutions can help you identify which aspects of your business could be improved to maximize productivity, achieve business goals, and improve bottom-line performance. Find out more:

  • 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Industrial Sweeper or Scrubber

    Over the years, we’ve heard our fair share of questions about industrial cleaning equipment. And we know if you’re researching this equipment you likely have some of the same questions our customers have wrestled with.

    We decided to map it out for you so you can make an educated decision about whether the traditional mop and bucket or the industrial sweeper and scrubber make the most sense for your business.

    Here are four of the most common questions we get when it comes to purchasing an industrial sweeper and/or scrubber.

    Question #1:

    Why are industrial options better than traditional manual cleaning?

    Why is always a good question to start with? If you’re considering purchasing an industrial sweeper and/or scrubber you’ve probably wondered what the advantages are over the traditional route of floor cleaning.

    There are many benefits for business owners who choose industrial cleaning options.

    • Safety for your employees. First, the process of cleaning the floors is much easier on your staff. The manual labor involved in using a regular mop and bucket can put quite a strain on your employees. The industrial sweepers/scrubbers allow for much easier work. The safety of your employees is a huge benefit of these pieces of equipment.
    • Safety for your guests. Industrial scrubbers basically eliminate the need to allow floors to dry. The squeegee system allows the floor to dry in seconds which drastically reduces the risk of slips or falls on the wet surface.
    • Energy Efficiency. Efficiency is a buzz word in best business practices right now, and for good reason. Using energy efficiently is better for the environment and it’s better for your pocketbook! Today’s industrial cleaning equipment is faster, better, and more efficient than ever before.
    • Hygienic. Having to do something twice in order to get the job done right is ineffective. Industrial sweepers and scrubbers will increase the quality of floor cleaning. The mop and bucket technique uses the same water to cover the whole floor, while the industrial scrubber is pushing out fresh, clean water throughout the process. Industrial cleaning equipment gets floors cleaner and is more hygienic than traditional methods. If you’re going to clean, do it right the first time!
    • Investing in the future. The initial upfront investment, means you’re investing in the future of your business. Quality equipment that’s meant to last for years is a better use of your time and resources that cheap equipment that needs to be replaced often.
    • Decrease staff time and labor costs. Staff will be able to accomplish the same job in a fraction of the time, which means it will cost you a fraction of the price. Traditional floor cleaning options take exponentially longer. And having a piece of equipment that can work so quickly and efficiently also may help you keep overhead low. You’ll only need one staff member to clean a very large area instead of having multiple people to complete the same task by hand.

    Question #2

    Do I want a riding sweeper/scrubber or a walk-behind sweeper/scrubber?

    We’ll answer your question with a question: Where do you intend to use the equipment?

    A Riding Sweeper/Scrubber is very effective and efficient at handling large open spaces. So if you operate a gym, event center or factory a rider may be just what you need. It can power through a large area in a fraction of the time it would take someone with a mop and bucket.

    A Walk-Behind Sweeper/Scrubber is best used for getting under and around obstacles. If you have racks and shelves and other tight spaces to work around, this may be the equipment for you. Restaurants and hospitals often find this to be their choice of floor cleaning equipment.

    Question #3

    Is my business big enough to justify an industrial sweeper?

    It’s always wise to calculate your return on investment for any purchase. And some of you reading this will consider other options as you contemplate purchasing a large, automated business cleaning solution.

    For example, maybe you’re wondering: “Shouldn’t I just contract out to a cleaning company?” Many people use that option because it has a lower price tag upfront. But it’s the same logic behind renting vs. buying a home. In one scenario, you are investing equity in something and the cost of owning decreases as time goes on. In the other scenario, renting (just like contracting to a cleaning company) requires you pay out of pocket for every single-use continuously.

    Here are a few factors to consider as you calculate if industrial cleaning equipment would be a good purchase for your business cleaning solution needs:

    • Square footage. Some scrubber models can scrub up to 26,000 square feet per hour. A combo sweeper/scrubber can cover up to 67,000 square feet per hour. To give you some context: a person using a mop and bucket can only clean about 4,000 square feet per hour. So if you have a large facility, investing in this equipment is a no-brainer. The price of the unit will quickly pay for itself as you save time and labor with each use.
    • Foot traffic. Square footage is one thing, but don’t fail to consider how many people come and go each day. If your space becomes dirty very quickly and you need to clean the area more than once per day, square footage becomes less of a factor and repetition becomes the name of the game. The more often you have to clean the floor the more time and money you’re investing in each round of cleaning. So make each round as quick and efficient as possible by investing in industrial-grade cleaning equipment.
    • Dirt Level. If the area is extremely dirty, it requires much more labor to clean it manually. An industrial sweeper or scrubber will not only make sure the job is done to the highest possible quality standard, but it will save your employees from the extra, labor-intensive work of scrubbing those tough jobs by hand.
    • First impression. Keeping your store or restaurant in tip-top condition makes a lasting impression. If you want to ensure quality work is done to keep your floors looking great, an industrial sweeper and scrubber will get the job done better than a mop and bucket every time. How your space looks is a reflection of your brand, so make sure you equip your staff with the best technology to do that job well.

    Question #4

    Where do I look for a high quality sweeper or scrubber?

    The last thing you want is to invest money in a product which is supposed to save you money in the long run only to have it break down a few months after purchase. This is why you want to make sure you do your research and buy equipment from a reputable supplier.

    Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people are out to make a quick buck and don’t always sell products with integrity.

    MH Equipment is not one of those companies.

    At MH, we highly value integrity and infuse it into every decision and sale we make. We promise you’ll be satisfied with any purchase from us whether it be sweepers, scrubbers or any of our vast inventory of material handling equipment.

    At MH Equipment we sell two of the best brands in the industrial cleaning equipment business: Karcher and Powerboss. Both of these cleaning equipment brands are absolute powerhouses in the cleaning industry. You can explore the individual products available from each manufacturer on our website. Or if you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    These trusted brands have delivered the highest quality and have repeatedly resulted in happy loyal customers since we became a distributor for each.

    Explore Karcher Sweepers/Scrubbers

    Explore Powerboss Sweepers/Scrubbers


    Do you have other questions related to buying industrial cleaning equipment? If so, let us know! Contact us today and we promise to answer within 1 to 2 business days.

    Or if you’re ready to purchase and are looking for a reputable dealer, look no further. Give us a call at MH Equipment today and get all the details related to the individual cleaning equipment makes and models that will keep your business squeaky clean for the whole world to see.

    Call Now: 888-564-2191
  • How a Mobile Tire Press Reduces Downtime

    Imagine you’re working in your warehouse, overseeing your fleet and productivity like you do every day. Things are running smoothly until the dreaded ‘downtime’ comes knocking.

    As you’re going through your daily checklist you examine the tires of one of your forklifts and notice the tread is all but gone. How could that have happened so quickly you wonder? You swear it wasn’t that bad a week ago.

    You consider delaying the repair, but you know what would happen if you waited. You know bare tires in your line of work is an accident waiting to happen.

    You have two options.

    • Call a traditional tire pressing service.

      They will send someone to come out and remove the tires from your unit. They will take those tires back to their shop press on new tires. That afternoon or the next day, they will return the tires and reinstall them on your forklift.

      The problem is, you have an order to fill and customers to take care of. Pressing the tires will have to wait until tomorrow.

      But tomorrow comes and you find out another truck is down, needing repairs. You can’t schedule tire pressing when you’re already down one unit-- it will have to wait until tomorrow. On and on goes the maintenance delaying.

      • Call MH Equipment right away.

      In select locations, our mobile tire press will help you minimize downtime without delaying critical forklift maintenance. Here’s how the scenario will play out: You call MH Equipment when you notice the tread on your forklift tires is wearing thin (or you schedule it well in advance).

      We get the details about your unit, gather the necessary parts, and dispatch a representative in our mobile tire press. They come and work on your unit at your location. No extra trips, no back and forth. No “we’ll see you later this week.”

      MH comes to you with the right equipment and a qualified professional and takes care of your needs on the spot. Then we pack up our gear and you return to filling the order right on time. Now your boss sees how valuable you are. You filled the order and you completed the maintenance on time. It’s a win-win.

      How to know it’s time for tire pressing?

      This depends largely on the number of hours you spend using the unit, what purposes you use it for and the surface you drive on and a number of other factors.

      If you’re outside a normal schedule for tire maintenance, an expert tip we often share with our customers is to look at the lettering on the side of the tire. If the wear is to the top of the lettering, it’s time to replace the tires by calling to schedule tire pressing.

      Benefits of a Mobile Tire Press

      A regular tire press is a great option to keep your unit running safely and smoothly, and in fact MH uses a traditional tire press model at many of our locations. But at select locations we have a mobile option, so if you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area or the Des Moines, Iowa area be sure to take advantage of these added benefits.

      • Minimize downtime – we do the maintenance at your location so you have as little as downtime as possible.
      • Convenience – no need to rearrange your workload for a week because a unit is out for repair, we’ll have the whole process done in a matter of hours.
      • Customer Service—MH Equipment provides you with professional service from highly qualified technicians every time. We’ll do the job right, and we’ll treat you right through the entire tire replacement process.
      • According to your Schedule – If you have an immediate need, we can often fit you into our schedule, but you can also put the maintenance on your calendar well in advance. We’re flexible and here to meet your needs.
      • Any Make, Any Tire – Our experts will find the right tire for you and your unit no matter the make or model.
      • One call—MH does more than tire pressing. We also have a fully stocked parts department. Make one call to MH and we’ll have you covered.
      • Dispose of old tires – when we say convenient, we mean as little work as possible for you. We’ll not only replace your tires; we’ll dispose of the old tires as well.
      • Any weather—our mobile tire press is in a fully enclosed truck. This means we can complete the process anywhere and in any weather.

      The MH Guarantee

      It’s frustrating to call a tire pressing company for a quote only to find some hidden fees tacked onto the end of your bill. At MH we quote everything, so there are no hidden fees and no surprises.

      What to expect

      • Expect to have your unit back in service in hours instead of days.
      • Expect to remain focused on your work instead of on tire maintenance.
      • Expect quality. You’ve trusted the process to the experts.

      So what are you waiting for? Schedule your tire pressing or other maintenance now by calling 888-564-2191.

      It’s time to take your safety seriously and show downtime who’s boss.

    • Working for a Company That Cares

      In a day and age where many companies claim to care about their employees and their community, it’s refreshing to experience one who truly walks the walk.

      Charity Time Program

      Every year at MH Equipment each employee is given a bank of eight hours to use for volunteer work. With over 900 employees across 31 locations, the potential volunteer impact in the community is over 7,200 hours.

      Recently two employees, Sadie Voong and Kirsten Hochstetler spent four hours volunteering for a local nonprofit in Des Moines, Iowa called Caring Hands. It was the first time either of them had used their charity hours, and their thoughts on the experience are noted below.

      Thoughts From the Volunteers

      Kirsten Hochstetler

      “Caring Hands has only one paid employee, so they rely heavily on volunteers to accomplish their mission. I didn’t know all the services they provided before spending the morning there, and I was truly amazed to see everything they did.

      Not only did they have a fully stocked food pantry, but they had rooms full of clothes for every age, and they recently added an online sales store to generate more revenue to use in the rest of the organization. There, people could donate furniture, cookware, antiques or almost anything else and volunteers would sort through the donations and prepare to sell them online.

      The resourcefulness of the Caring Hands organization was evident and their genuine desire to help anyone who had need was inspiring. Some of the volunteers even told us they received no government financial aid, they raised everything they needed from the local community. It was simply people helping people, and it was an honor to support them in a small way. I’m so grateful MH allowed me to see this organization in action and contribute to their mission.”

      Sadie Voong

      “It was great to be able to volunteer at an organization that is really making a difference in the community. Caring Hands offered a variety of free goods for families in need including clothing and groceries from their food pantry. It was amazing to be able to see everything they do with a small amount of financial support. We saw numerous volunteers that day focused on helping as much as possible. The passion the volunteers had while we were there was inspiring and even though we were only there for a few hours they welcomed us and made us feel like family.

      Along with their focus and drive, we were privy to seeing the inner workings of the organizations and their ingenuity for using what they have to raise money for their organization. The volunteers at the organization made an effort to use everything they were given as much as possible to help drive their mission. We volunteered in their online store area where other volunteers took donated house hold items including glassware, strollers, kitchen appliances, vintage furniture, and antiques and sold them for the organization on online marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy, EBay, and more to support Caring Hands’ main efforts.

      I feel lucky to be able to have volunteered for such an organization like Caring Hands. And I am thankful that MH Equipment gave me the hours for this opportunity. I hope to volunteer there again in the future.”

      The MH Difference

      People, Passion, Purpose is more than a slogan at MH Equipment, it’s something the company and the employees actually live by. Our organization truly values our communities and we hope to inspire other companies to consider implementing a similar charity time program.

      If you’ve ever wanted to work for a company who values you as an employee and your invests in your community, consider applying for many of the positions now open for hire at MH Equipment.

    • Repost From "MH Equipment hosts ‘Tons of Trucks' event as part of National Forklift Safety Day"

      VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – A Vanderburgh County event is showing kids what it's like behind the wheel of a forklift and other vehicles. MH Equipment hosted ‘Tons of Trucks' as part of their National Forklift Safety Day celebrations. They allowed children to sit in and see forklifts and other big trucks up close. This is the first time the company's Evansville office held the ‘Tons of Trucks' event. Kids, and even some adults, learned about operating them safely and what these machines carry. "I think they get to learn about possibly the industrial world. You have a 55,000-pound truck behind us that one of the sheriffs was asking, 'Well, what does that thing lift?'" MH Equipment also cut the ribbon on their branch office, which opened last year.

      Read the original article here.
    • TONS OF TRUCKS in Evansville at MH Equipment

      Yesterday was National Forklift Safety Day! To celebrate, our branch in Evansville hosted the event, TONS OF TRUCKS, for the community to see our fleet and other vehicles from other organizations in the area. 

      View photos from the event on our Facebook page here

    • National Forklift Safety Day Is June 11th

      In honor of a day devoted to safety, MH has compiled a list of safety topics which can be used as a reminder in your workplace. We’d also like to announce and publically congratulate our local branches who have put these ideas to good use and achieved a ZERO injury year.

      Staying Safe: What NOT to do

      #1 Rushing: Sometimes there is more concern for doing something quickly instead of safely.

      DO: Slow down and take time to do things right, and do them safely.

      #2 Taking Chances: Daring behavior or blatant disregard for safe habits can put you and your coworkers at risk. Things like overexertion, being a daredevil or refusing to ask for help when doing something too hard or unfamiliar is never appropriate if you want to stay safe.

      DO: Watch out for your coworkers. Sometimes it’s easier to see these habits in others than in ourselves.

      #3 Being Preoccupied: Daydreaming, fatigue, or thinking about other things and not paying attention to your current activity could result in an accident.

      DO: Focus on the activity you are doing at the time.

      #4 Having a Negative Mood: Being angry or in a bad mood can lead to severe accidents because anger nearly always overrules caution.

      DO: Keep your bad moods in check. Stay cool and in charge of your emotions.

      #5 Failing to Look for Hidden Hazards: Conditions are constantly changing, and forgetting this fact is a common mistake which can lead to unsafe practices. Sometimes when we’re too familiar with our environment we let our guards down.

      DO: Always be alert for new, unexpected hazards in your environment.


      All across MH we have many individuals who consider safety every day. They give superior customer service, lead with integrity, teach others, and exceed many expectations. Going a full year with ZERO injuries is a great thing many businesses never achieve. Through disciplined efforts and following the sound safety practices, the following branches have achieved ZERO injuries for a year and longer and deserve congratulations:










      Bowling Green



      St. Louis



      Cedar Rapids

      If you would like to learn more about how you can be on your way to achieving a zero-injury year, give MH a call. Our Safety and Training division conducts classes, seminars and certification opportunities year round. They will show you the way and give you the tools to having your safest year ever.

      Call now at 888-564-2191 or Book a Training now!

    • Change Up Your Career With MH Equipment - Become A Technician Today!

      Find out why you should be a Tech at MH by visiting our Technicians Career Page for benefits and more!

    • Should I Rent a Forklift?

      Every fleet manager has at one point in time wondered if they should rent or buy a forklift or other piece of material handling equipment. We all have the same objective: we want the dollars we invest to work for us and our business.

      At MH Rents people often ask us if it’s possible to rent a forklift. The answer is yes, and you can find what you’re looking for right here with MH Rents.

      There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to the equipment used in business. The first is the “if I’m ever going to need it, I should buy it” mentality.

      The second is, “if it’s not a primary component of my business, I’m better off investing the capital funds somewhere else.”

      Let us first begin by saying, both of these mentalities can be correct. It all comes down to the needs in your industry and the financial philosophy of your business.

      MH Rents serves customers from almost every industry you can imagine, but it often helps us make a choice when we know what people like ourselves have decided. To give you an idea, we see a lot of forklift and equipment rentals from these industries:

      • Ag or Seed forklift rentals
      • Manufacturing forklift rentals
      • Distribution forklift rentals

      Whether or not you find yourself in one of those industries, the remainder of this post will help you decide if renting equipment is better than buying for your individual business needs.

      Do these challenges sound familiar?

      When my warehouse equipment breaks down, our productivity suffers.

      Downtime in our warehouses is an all-too-common enemy. But it doesn’t have to be. Renting can fill in the gaps when equipment fails you. Rapid availability is extremely important in these instances which is why in most cases, MH Rents can deliver your equipment in 24 hours or (usually much) less.

      If you’ve ever been forced to slow down or halt your operations because of a broken piece of equipment, it’s time to face downtime head on and explore rental options.

      My needs change with the seasons so it’s hard to justify buying a piece of equipment.

      No one wants to see their hard-fought-for capital expenditure dollars collect dust for 9 months out of the year. If your industry is cyclical in nature, or you have a busy season with high volume, renting is an option to be seriously considered.

      For example, let’s say you hire an extra employee or two in the summer months. It doesn’t make sense to buy another piece of equipment or two just for those months. This is where renting saves the day. Your productivity soars but your expenses stay low. It’s a win-win.

      The Benefits of Renting and Buying

      Benefits of Renting:

      • Never worry about downtime, because rental equipment is maintained and repaired by MH. If maintenance is coming due, we replace the rental unit, you keep working, and we do the work. No downtime.
      • Don’t lose sleep about old equipment dying. When you rent from MH, you always have a reliable piece of equipment, rarely more than 7 years old.
      • Forget battling for dollars with your corporate entity to justify a large equipment purchase. Renting allows you to write off your unit as an operating expense rather than a capital equipment purchase.
      • You won’t regret a big purchase decision, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look to the future. MH Rents also lets you explore rent-to-own or long term leasing options.
      • If your industry is cyclical or seasonal in nature, expensive equipment can end up sitting unused in the offseason. Remove the necessity to calculate the return on the investment and see your dollars pay off during a short-term rental period.
      • Get access to top-of-the-line equipment at an affordable price. If you’re set on working with a specific brand whether it be Hyster, Yale, Mariotti, JLG, Powerboss, Railking, or any of our other manufacturers MH Rents has you covered at a great price.

      While renting is a perfect solution for many of our partners, there are also many instances when buying is definitely the way to go. If you’re weighing the options, don’t jump into renting without first considering the benefits to owning your own piece of equipment.

      Benefits to Owning:

      • Planning is a breeze. You’ll always have that forklift or piece of equipment on hand even when you think you might not have needed it. If a situation pops up, you don’t need to coordinate a rental.
      • While renting allows you to remove the stress of maintenance and repairs, if your in-house mechanics are ready to do maintenance, it doesn’t make sense to pay a rental company for this benefit.
      • Future strategy. An obvious benefit to owning is the asset belongs to you. Should your company no longer need the equipment you can sell the asset or otherwise gain from the ownership of it.
      • If the equipment you need is very specific and you need it often, you may have better luck purchasing it. Often, these specific pieces of equipment can be difficult to find available for rent (although MH prides ourselves on having a wide variety). Due to the low supply of these particular items, the cost of renting could eventually outweigh the cost of ownership.
      • Maintenance doesn’t have to be scary. If you use your equipment less than the average business owner but still on a consistent basis, consider purchasing. You’ll likely save on repairs if you’re not running high hours on the unit.

      The MH Difference:

      Obviously, we believe MH is the best option for your rental equipment needs (full disclosure, we may be biased) but you’re probably wondering: Why? What makes MH Rents a better option?

      The three biggest differentiators for MH Rents is the size of our fleet, the variety of our fleet, and the age of our fleet.


      MH Rents has a high volume of inventory ready to meet your needs. Almost always, we can have your piece of rental equipment delivered within 24 hours or much less so you have as little downtime as possible.


      Our fleet includes small forklifts needed for incredibly tight spaces, all the way up to equipment with a 36,000 lb. load capacity. The variety extends far beyond forklifts to include rental availability for boom lifts, scissor lifts, railcar movers, sweepers, scrubbers, excavators, backhoe loaders, tow tractors and more. So chances are, no matter what your material handling equipment rental needs, you only need to call number (309) 699-4024


      Perhaps the biggest differentiator we have is the young age of our fleet. We rarely rent a piece of equipment more than seven years old to our customers. Be careful looking at other rental options as often companies buy old used equipment to turn around for rent. MH prides ourselves on offering a high-quality experience, and our rental units are no exception. It doesn’t do you any good to rent an old unit that could have issues of its own. Often, at MH have the whole history of each rental unit, so you know it’s a high-quality option for you and your business.

      Still have Questions?

      If some of these topics sound like issues you’re faced with or you’re wondering: What does it cost to rent a forklift? Contact an MH rental manager today by calling (309) 699-4024. We can rent by the hour, day, week, month or beyond. Let us know how we can work for you.

    • MH Equipment to Host Community Event in Honor of National Forklift Safety Day.


      MH Equipment (MH), based in Peoria, Ill., plans to celebrate National Forklift Safety Day by hosting a free public event at the local branch in Evansville, IN located at 738 Rusher Lane. The event, Tons of Trucks, will take place on Tuesday, June 11 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

      The Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce will kick off the event with a ribbon cutting at 11:00 a.m., and then local customers, vendors and the general public are invited to get up close and personal with some very big vehicles. First responders will bring their vehicles and the MH fleet of equipment will be available for guests to sit in and explore. This is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about the importance of being safe around vehicles.

      A siren-free quiet hour will take place from 1 - 2 p.m. when the event concludes. This quiet time will allow those with auditory sensitives to enjoy seeing the big trucks without the noise. All attendees are also invited to enter a business card raffle for a chance to win a free iPad.

      According to OSHA Safety Management over 96,000 workers are injured per year in the United States when working with forklifts. Sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), the sixth annual National Forklift Safety Days aims to increase awareness and injury prevention in the material handling industry.

      The opportunity to address safety is always serious, but it can also be fun. MH hopes the community will join in safe vehicle practices will enjoying this family friendly event.

      “Safety is an important topic every day, but on National Forklift Safety Day we take extra time to remember how these practices protect our employees and customers. We hope the Evansville community will join us for this fun and informative event,” stated MH CEO John Wieland.

      More about the event, Tons of Trucks, and to RSVP can be found on Facebook at

      More about MH Equipment and the safety and training courses offered on site can be found online at

    • MH Ottumwa Location Opens A New Building

      Congrats to our team in Ottumwa! Their continued growth and dedication to customer service have been great for MH and our customers. Thank you for being a great example of the MH way!

      Thank you to the local Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce and Ottumwa Radio News for the support!