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  • Post From Xplore: "Xplore Rugged Tablets Enable MH Equipment’s Migration to Fully Paperless Sales, Service Operations"

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    Xplore XSLATE B10-based rugged mobility solution now used by all field- and office-based workers.

     Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge, announced that MH Equipment has successfully transitioned to a fully paperless operation using a rugged tablet-based mobility solution from Xplore Technologies, which was recently acquired by Zebra, and TPI, a Platinum Xplore Partner.

    Xplore XSLATE B10 fully rugged tablet PCs and custom-developed Mobile Service Plus (MSP) software from TPI have enabled the heavy equipment sales and service leader to eliminate paper-based workflows across its sourcing, inventory management, customer service, and accounts payable functions. All former “clipboard” processes are now completed electronically on the IP65-rated XSLATE B10, including work orders, inspection forms, parts inventory locates, and timecards. A new work order dashboard enables field technicians to see their work-in-process in real time, which has improved worker readiness. New remote dispatch capabilities have increased overall resource availability.

    “We are very pleased with the return on our investment,” said Randy Kaluza, President of Operations, MH Equipment. “The combined Xplore and TPI mobility solution has very quickly increased our operational efficiency, eliminated resource waste, eliminated thousands of dollars a year in printing costs, and improved our customer satisfaction levels. All of this has contributed to elevated cost savings and the generation of new revenue sources.”

    After competitive field tests, the XSLATE B10 rugged tablet worked best with the many Hyster & Yale diagnostic programs used by MH Equipment to diagnose and repair forklifts. The tablet also worked seamlessly with MH Equipment’s new MSP software. The rugged tablet-based electronic work order system has improved the business economics and resource availability for MH Equipment during a period of steady company growth. The constant connectivity, bright screen display, digital pen and overall durability of the XSLATE B10 have given field technicians valuable new efficiencies related to data capture and knowledge sharing in very demanding working conditions.

    “Rugged tablets are an ideal mobility platform for companies that want to create a fully paperless operating environment,” added Tom McNeela, Senior Director, Product Management, Zebra Technologies. “The XSLATE B10 easily replicated MH Equipment’s traditional paper-based processes and desktop applications, which allowed for workflow continuity and improved worker productivity during the migration to the mobility solution.”

    Field technicians can now retrieve mission-critical data while on-site, including each lift truck’s service history as well as an up-to-date inventory of the parts currently available on their own truck, other technicians’ trucks around them, and within their dealership’s warehouse. This has directly improved customer service capabilities, and customer satisfaction levels, at MH Equipment dealerships and in the field.


    • MH Equipment has gone paperless using the Xplore XSLATE B10 rugged tablet-based mobility solution.
    • The tablet, which works seamlessly with MH Equipment’s new MSP software from TPI, enables all “clipboard” processes to be completed electronically, increasing field technicians’ readiness and overall resource availability.
    • The constant connectivity, rugged features and overall durability of the XSLATE B10 helps field technicians be more efficient in harsh work environments.
    • The solution has improved customer service and customer satisfaction at MH Equipment dealerships and in the field.

    Download the full case study to learn more about MH Equipment’s experience with Xplore rugged tablets.

  • Your Solutions to OSHA’s New Silica Standards - PowerBoss

    Don’t worry about your upcoming OSHA inspection. When it comes to your construction site, warehouse and distribution center, or manufacturing plant, we are confident that a PowerBoss machine will leave you dust free!

    As of June 23, 2018, all operations in the general industry,  maritime and construction sectors are required to comply with OSHA’s new silica dust standards. Employees are limited to an exposure of 50 micrograms of respirable crystalline in an eight-hour work period. There are costly penalties for not complying with this new ruling. It could be less expensive to your business to comply than to face these financial penalties.

    Approximately 2.3 million people in the U.S. are exposed to silica at work, including those in the following industries:
    • Construction
    • Glass manufacturing
    • Pottery products
    • Structural clay products
    • Concrete products
    • Foundries
    • Dental laboratories
    • Paintings and coatings
    • Jewelry production
    • Refractory products
    • Ready-mix concrete
    • Cut stone and stone products
    • Abrasive blasting in maritime,
    construction, and general industry
    • Refractory furnace installation and repair
    • Railroad transportation
    • Oil and gas operations

    If your business fits into these categories, you are affected by the new Silica Rule. 

    MH Equipment has always prioritized the health of our customers and our environment. We continually work with our partners, like PowerBoss, to eliminate dangerous dust exposure. Avoid heavy fines and keep your employees health a top priority - Call us today for more information  888.564.2191


  • MH Equipment Welcomes John Judd


    MH Equipment is proud to announce and welcome John Judd as a Regional Sales Manager for MH Equipment. Judd will be responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue at MH Equipment's Evansville, Indiana location.

    "I am excited to join MH Equipment at such an active time in the company's growth and look forward to leveraging my past sales experience to provide advice as we continue to look at new areas of growth. MH Equipment has a long history of providing top notch service and value to its customers. My goal is to build on that excellent reputation and continue to invest in our greatest asset-our people." said Judd.

    John comes to MH Equipment with more than 17 years of sales, sales management and operations experience in the industrial laundry and finished lubricants/fuel industries with Chevron and Phillip 66 distributors. Customer segments include industrial, manufacturing, power generation, agriculture, automotive, heavy duty trucking and construction in the western/central Kentucky and southern Indiana/Illinois areas. Having served most recently as a Territory Sales Manager and General Sales Manager, he has expertise in sales processes, team building and management.

    "I am excited about John's energy for building and supporting an accountable team of professionals that support our customers. John's energy, along with his genuine care and concern for the success and wellbeing of others, fits very well with our desired culture," states MH Equipment President Mike Goebel.

  • MH Equipment's Evansville Branch Opens New Facility


    Mike Goebel, President South/East Region for MH Equipment has announced that MH Equipment's Evansville branch has relocated to a new facility. The new building is officially open for business and will be hosting an open house and ribbon cutting early this fall.

    Goebel expressed enthusiasm about the new branch location, stating "By living out our value statements we have experienced tremendous growth. This growth prompted our move to Evansville's North side where we can continue to excel in the service that allowed us to earn the business of our current customers as a primary consideration. The move, which doubles our previous square footage, will also allow for us to continue growing our rental expansion products like AWP and specialty lifts. I want to thank all of our customers for their partnership, trust, and patience during our move".

    The new branch is located at 738 Rusher Lane Evansville, IN 47725 and will continue to serve its customers between the hours of 7:30am-4:30pm. For more information about MH Equipment or the new Evansville location, visit or call the Evansville branch directly at 812-475-8510.
  • Is a Consignment Right for You?

    How much productivity are you losing a year when your waiting for parts to fix equipment?

    Can you determine the costs associated with finding needed parts, tracking them down, ordering them, and picking them up/ waiting for them to arrive?

    The larger your operations, the more equipment you have and the more downtime and associated costs you have.This can be a big number.

    In the right circumstances, MH Equipment can place a parts consignment in your facility.We have the ability to determine the most frequently used parts that you will need and have them sitting in your facility and available immediately to your operation. MH Equipment will analyze your fleet of equipment, determine the appropriate stocking levels, make sure that inventory is where you need it when you need it, help with the restocking of these parts. The good news is that you only pay for the parts when they are used.

    A parts consignment is not always the right solution for everyone, but can be for the right fleet. Call us today and one of our Aftermarket Sales Representatives can go into detail on how a parts consignment can work for you.

  • MH Equipment at MODEX 2018

    Between the various educational seminars, we saw a lot of impressive things and look forward to MODEX 2020!

  • MH Employees Are Gearing Up to Get Moving

    For the past two years, hundreds of companies have joined WELCOA’s initiative to get employees moving more, sitting less and thriving with the On the Move® Company Challenge. This year, MH Equipment employees are joining the thousands of employees that take part yearly.

    On the Move® Company Challenge is a 12-week national corporate fitness program that is designed to help people move more and sit less throughout the workday. The program is created to help employees move more on their own terms when they want, how they want, and how much they want without guilt. By sitting less, employees can reduce stress, heighten creativity, manage weight, tone and strengthen muscles, and more! MH Equipment employees are encouraged to share their success and goals with other employees at their own discretion as well as support fellow employees as they “move more and sit less”. There is an easy to use online platform to help track progress and give helpful resources to encourage employees with their physical and mental journey to keep moving.

    Get Started:

    The On the Move® Company Challenge for MH Equipment starts April 2, 2018. Look for details in your company email or contact Employee Services for more information.

    Not a MH Equipment employee?

    Get your company started with WELCOA’s On the Move® Company Challenge by visiting their website.

  • People Matter, Passion Inspires, & Purpose Unites

    At MH Equipment, we make it our mission to deliver exceptional service while believing that People Matter, Passion Inspires, and Purpose Unites.

  • MH Equipment Named 2017 Dealer of Distinction by Hyster-Yale Group

    Bob Sattler, Vice President of Dealer Business Development at Hyster-Yale Group (HYG), has announced that MH Equipment has once again received the honor of being named a Hyster Dealer of Distinction. This annual award recognizes top-performing dealers across the country that drive their organizations to the highest level of sales and service performance.

    "Hyster dealers - and the people they employ - deeply understand customer applications. They are passionate about our industry and dedicated to helping keep customer operations moving and costs under control. These dealers exemplify a bold, entrepreneurial spirit and quest for excellence. We’re delighted to honor their outstanding achievement,” states Sattler.

    To be named a Hyster Dealer of Distinction, companies must meet defined business practices and overall rigorous performance standards that are updated annually to keep pace with evolving customer expectations and industry dynamics.

    “MH Equipment is certainly pleased to again be recognized by Hyster-Yale Groupwith the acclaimed “Hyster Dealer of Distinction” designation. Achieving this award identifies MH Equipment in HYG’s elite group of top achieving North America Dealers for having fulfilled defined performance criteria and operating standards for Customer support and satisfaction in all facets of the business. At MH Equipment we believe “People Matter” and want to acknowledge and thank the People within our valued Customers, Hyster-Yale Group, as well as our professional and diligent Employees who have made this achievement possible,” states Fred Metzger, President, MH Equipment.

    Recipients of the 2017 Hyster Dealer of Distinction award will be recognized at a special celebration on April 18, 2018 in Sea Island, GA.