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  • MH Equipment Receives Industry Award From MHEDA

    MH Equipment has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2018. This is the second consecutive year MH Equipment has earned an MVP Award from the industry's trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association's membership earning the award. As a 2018 MVP, MH Equipment has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship.
  • MH Employees Fill Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

    For over 6 years, MH Equipment employees have helped support Operation Christmas Child, through the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief organization by filling shoe boxes with needed goods and toys for children around the world.

    This year, MH Equipment employees provided 2,084 shoe boxes from 30 locations in the United States. The number of donations has increased by 317 boxes from last year.

    “It is truly humbling that I get to work at this company with fellow employees like you, “ John Wieland, MH Equipment CEO, explained when reflecting on the amount of donations in an email to employees.

    View more pictures of donations from our employees and their families on our Facebook page.

    The national collection week for Operation Christmas Child has passed but you can still help pack a shoebox by building one online.

  • Elite Supply Chain Solutions Receives Industry Award From MHEDA

    Elite Supply Chain Solutions has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2018. This is the fifth consecutive year Elite Supply Chain Solutions has earned an MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

    Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award. As a 2018 MVP, Elite SCS has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship.

    To qualify for the annual MVP Award companies are required to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business including their customers, employees and suppliers. They must satisfy criteria in the following important areas:

    • Industry Advocacy
    • Customer Service & Safety Practices
    • Business Networking
    • Continuing Education
    • Business Best Practices

    “Being recognized as a MHEDA MVP is an honor and speaks volumes to the values in which we operate every day. We strive to be consultative in nature, transparent in practice and to be a good steward of our client’s resources, while representing our supplier partners with professionalism and diligence. We are thrilled to achieve MVP status as we strongly value our relationship with MHEDA and appreciate all they do for the Material Handling Industry,” states Elite SCS President Scott Hennie.

    “MHEDA MVP winners represent the very best in dealership management,” said Buddy Smith, 2017 MHEDA Chairman of the Board and CEO of CMH Services in Columbia, SC. “These dealers have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their business.”

    Elite Supply Chain Solutions located in Hudson, Ohio, is a wholly owned subsidiary of MH Logistics Corporation headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. Elite partners with clients in order to assist them with their overall business strategy and implement materials handling solutions that will help them further that strategy. Elite works with clients to maximize operating space, organize inventory storage, review facility layout and design, recommend equipment, and implement automation and technology.

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    Hear from a customer just like you on Mariotti forklifts. #SmallButMighty

  • MH Equipment Welcomes Isaac Yates, Regional Sales Manager

    MH Equipment is proud to announce and welcome Isaac Yates as a Regional Sales Manager for MH Equipment. Yates will be responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue at MH Equipment locations in St. Louis and Scott City.

    He joins the MH team from Fairchild Equipment located in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Fairchild Equipment is a one-stop source for materials handling and warehouse equipment, forklift parts, certified training and more. It was there that Yates served as President over the West Division of Fairchild Equipment’s territory.

    Yates also comes to MH Equipment with over 40 years of experience in various sales leadership roles. He has held executive positions at a number of companies such as Iveco Trucks of North America, Yale Materials Handling, Nordictrack, Jostens, New Standard Corp and Rihm Kenworth.

    “MH Equipment in St. Louis is excited to welcome Isaac as our new Regional Sales Manager. He brings great energy and many years of material handling experience to our sales team. It is clear that Isaac exemplifies the core values of our company and the future that we are building for our customers and employees.” States MH Equipment President Jim Brake.

  • "Elite Supply Chain Solutions & MH Equipment: The Beginning of a Successful Relationship" from Business View Magazine

    Originally published by Business View Magazine, July 2016:

    When MH Equipment of Peoria, Illinois, one of the country’s largest and fasting growing material handling service providers and a long-time dealer of Hyster and other name-brand forklifts, bought Elite Supply Chain Solutions two years ago, an Ohio-based, Design Build company for the warehouse, distribution, and order fulfillment industry, it still remained to be seen if the synergies between the companies would provide win-win-win opportunities for their clients, MH, and Elite.

    All the signs seemed positive, though, according to Scott Hennie, President of Elite. “MH Equipment’s primary business is its lift truck sales and service,” he explains. “Elite Supply Chain Solutions works in a very similar market by designing and implementing what we call ‘integrated systems,’ which is essentially the equipment that stores and moves product within a warehouse and distribution center and the software that goes along with it.”

    Hennie says that a typical client for Elite is any company that is involved in warehousing, distribution, or order fulfillment. “And within that industry, the market segments are food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive aftermarket, pet supplies – essentially anything in the supply chain is a potential client of ours,” he says. “We will work with clients from a facility that is anywhere from 50,000 square feet to two million square feet. Our customers range from family-owned entities in the $20 million revenue range to Fortune 500 companies traded on the stock exchange.”

    So the benefit for MH Equipment in this partnership is to be better able, now, to penetrate Elite’s client base by supplying the lift trucks – the machinery that lifts and moves product – to the same customers that have benefited from Elite’s integrated solutions. “MH Equipment was looking to expand its core business and thought this might be one opportunity to create that expansion,” Hennie says. “So they purchased Elite and made it part of their business offering to complement the lift truck side.”

    Of course, Elite can likewise benefit from MH Equipment’s current and potential clients who are located across 30 company locations in eight regions and across several states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. “Part of the business model for Elite,” says Hennie, “is to take existing relationships that MH Equipment has with their clients and have MH Equipment introduce them . . . and vice versa.”

    After two years, it appears that the union is a strong one and that this partnership was truly made in corporate heaven. “It brings a total, turnkey solution to our customers,” Hennie exults. “Not only the storage and the inventory movement equipment that Elite provides, but also the lift truck part of an operation that typically is needed in a distribution center.”

    Dannelle Dahlhauser, Director of Marketing and Sales Support for MH Equipment, agrees. “A good portion of MH Equipment’s customer base is looking for facility solutions such as that offered by Elite; and with forklift services being MH’s primary offering, we are a natural fit,” she says. “Anything that needs to move people or product – we have a variety of material handling equipment, forklifts being our primary line.” Scott remarks upon the strength of working in tandem from a marketing perspective. “There are only a handful of organizations that have both capabilities under one umbrella,” he states. “So, if our clients are looking to have a single source supplier, those sources are very limited. Within our market footprint, there are geographic areas where we are the only ones that can provide that level of value.”

    Hennie goes on to cite an example of the kind of synergy of which this dynamic duo is capable: “In the lift truck marketplace, there’s been a shift from what has historically been classified as ‘sit down/fossil fuel type trucks, to ‘stand up/electric trucks. Historically, MH Equipment has been very strong in the sit down/fossil fuel type,” he begins. “Why that’s significant is that the world that Elite plays in - the warehousing, distribution, and order fulfillment world – is very much a major user of these stand up/electric type trucks. So, that creates an opportunity for MH Equipment to work with Elite and generate the applications and the opportunities to bring that product to the marketplace.”

    While working together to serve that same marketplace, both companies are also continuing to expand and innovate own their own. “We’ve made a couple of pretty significant investments in the last six months,” Hennie says. “Two software packages – one is a 3D modeling and animation software package that allows us to develop our designs in a 3D model and to simulate the operations for the customer. I think that’s very

    significant in helping the customer understand the solutions that we’re providing; enabling them to see what the results are and how the operation will actually function. The second software package is an inventory modeling software package that will allow us to take a customer’s inventory data and then, through the software, generate the recommended storage equipment type based on several criteria that we input. That criteria can be how fast or often the item moves, or certain physical characteristics of the item.”

    For its part, MH Equipment recently rolled out a new fleet management program with its own proprietary software. “We take a customer’s fleet and add all of their equipment information into our software program and then we’ll manage their fleet from that program, letting them know when their service is due, if there’s been any operator abuse, etc.,” Dahlhauser says. “It’s a very robust system that can also work in conjunction with some of the things that Elite does, as well, once they begin discussions of equipment,” she adds, once again alluding to the combined focus of the two entities and how well they complement one another.

    As the marriage continues to blossom, Dahlhauser reports that MH Equipment is intent upon moving more aggressively into the stand up/electric market. “The market is shifting from IC (Internal Combustion) lift trucks to predominately electric with electric lift trucks now comprising approximately 60 percent of the market’s purchases. So, obviously, we would like to be a bigger player in that game,” she says. Hennie says that one of Elite’s long-term goals is to have an Elite office or presence in each of the regions that MH Equipment currently operates in. “Right now, Elite is headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, and we have a Sales Engineer in one other regional office,” he says. “But, ultimately, we will have an Elite presence in each of the eight regions that we operate.”

    While it’s clear that the corporate marriage of these two harmonizing companies is apt to provide much economic benefit to their mutual bottom line, like any strong union, the pairing must also be built upon a deeper sharing of company tenets and beliefs. Happily, that is precisely what sealed the deal, according to Hennie. “When Elite and MH Equipment started talking, there was a lot of synergy in our vision, and our values, and our mission. Both entities take our vision, mission, and values very seriously. If you look at our logos and our taglines, you’ll see the words: People, Passion, and Purpose,” Hennie says emphatically. “All people matter and are due honor and respect; our passion unites us; and our purpose is to make the communities that we work and live in, better places.”

    People, Passion, and Purpose – not to mention first-class, engineered solutions paired with first-class equipment and machinery. It seems that the merger of Elite Supply Chain Solutions and MH Equipment is indeed, just the beginning of a successful relationship.

    Original article can be found at this link on pages 134-141

  • MH Equipment Welcomes Another Great Partner: Combilift

    Fred Metzger, President of MH Equipment, has announced that MH Equipment will be partnering with Combilift to become a stocking dealer.

    Combilift, based in Monaghan, Ireland, has grown to become the global leader in the long-handling market. The company is operated by experienced and well known industry leaders from within the specialty forklift industry. Combilift represents the world's first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift. It is actually a combination of forklift and side-loader, and is highly maneuverable, very safe, very cost effective and supremely efficient.

    “As a globally recognized company with localized service and support through our key dealer network, Combilift is ideally placed to work alongside MH Equipment in providing a high quality service to customers. We are delighted to work with MH Equipment” Paul Short - North American Sales President

    “MH Equipment and Combilift Inc. are pleased to announce MH is now a stocking dealer representing Combilift products across MH’s geographic footprint. The products from Combilift are recognized for their application innovation as well as for productivity, durability and quality which well supports MH’s commitment to provide its Customers innovative solutions and unparalleled value while striving to be a good steward of resources.” States MH Equipment President Fred Metzger

    Started in Peoria, Illinois in 1952 as one of the smallest Hyster forklift dealerships in the United States, MH Equipment has grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing material handling services providers in the US. In 1994, the company was purchased by current CEO John Wieland. Since then, we have grown from a relatively small company of 50 employees into an organization comprised of multiple dealerships, over 700 employees and 28 servicing locations throughout the Midwest.

  • MH Equipment Partners with Tractive Power

    Fred Metzger, President of MH Equipment, has announced that MH Equipment will be partnering with Tractive Power Corporation to bring innovative and practical solutions to the industrial rail industry.

    Tractive Power Corporation, based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of industrial engineered rail switchers. The company is operated by experienced and well known industry leaders from within the rail industry. Tractive Power Corporation is a privately owned company dedicated to finding better product and technology solutions for the rail industry.

    “Tractive Power Corporation is very pleased to have partnered with MH Equipment. Based on MH Equipment’s long standing track record as a marketing and sales leader in the US rail car mover business and our ability to establish a partnership shows the viability that MH Equipment see’s in our product line. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with MH Equipment as we continue to grow our business in the United States,” states Tim Sanderson, Chief Operating Officer of Tractive Power.

    “Before the addition of Tractive Power, we were limited in the number of rail cars we could pull due to size limitations. As a result, we knew our customers’ needs weren’t being totally met and we needed to provide them with a solution that not only increased their productivity but also showed the value MH brings to the railcar industry. By partnering with Tractive Power we are now able to provide our customers with the most efficient and economical railcar mover in the industry today,” said Charles Blankenship, Rail King Program Manager.

    MH Equipment is a comprehensive railcar moving solutions provider with 28 railcar mover servicing locations throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia; offering new and used railcar movers and locomotives, parts, service, and rentals. Additionally, MH Equipment is one of the largest and fastest growing material handling services providers in the US.

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