Hyster’s reputation for durability, reliability, and exceptional quality is what makes them leaders in the materials handling industry. For over 80 years, their forklifts, pallet movers, and tow trucks have been a dependable part of the fleet for construction and warehouse businesses.

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Hyster Technology & Features

Hyster forklifts are built tough to stand up to most demanding jobs. From powerful internal combustion container handlers to three- and four-wheel electric lift trucks, each machine is held up to Hyster’s highest standards.

  • Industry Leaders

  • Pneumatic/Cushion Tires

  • Very Narrow Aisle

  • Industry Leader

  • Zero Turning Radius Available

  • Brushless AC Technology

  • Easy To Operate

  • Parts & Accessories Available

Services & Offerings with Hyster Equipment

At MH Equipment, we carry a complete lineup of Hyster lift trucks, from pallet trucks and tow tractors to high-capacity forklifts and container handlers. Stop by your authorized dealership or call us today to find out what a Hyster forklift can do for your business. In addition to offering maintenance, we also carry the parts and accessories to keep your fleet running.