MH Equipment is proud to carry Kärcher floor cleaning products at all our locations. Kärcher has established a reputation as a world leader in hot and cold water pressure washers, and has an extensive line of floor walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers, sweepers, commercial vacuums, pressure washer trailers, accessories, and more. Kärcher industrial floor cleaning products are known for their quality, innovative features, and ease-of-use. Contact an MH Equipment dealership near you to find out more about how Kärcher cleaning equipment can help your business.

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Kärcher Technology & Features

Kärcher’s industry-leading products can help take your floor care to the next level. Kärcher’s hot and cold water pressure washers are fit for industrial and commercial use. Combined with accessories like trailers and high-performing detergents, these washes can remove even the toughest dirt, grime, grease, and oil stains. Kärcher’s compact, ride-on, and walk-behind floor scrubbers are capable of cleaning between 15,000 and 64,500 square feet per hour. Kärcher floor sweepers are available in compact, walk-behind, and ride-on options, and can clean between 36,000 and 193,000 square feet per hour. Floor sweeper options also include manual, battery-powered, and liquid propane gas (LPG).

  • Lower Labor Costs

  • Improve Workplace and Warehouse Safety

  • Increase Productivity

  • Industry-Specific Solution

  • High Mobility

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Designed With Sustainability in Mind

  • Protection of Surfaces

Service & Offerings For Kärcher Floor Cleaning Equipment

Our parts and service department is ready to help fulfill any need regarding your Kärcher floor cleaning equipment. Whether you need replacement parts, emergency repairs, or help deciding what you should add to your fleet, MH Equipment is here to assist. Call or visit a location near you today to speak with one of our industrial floor cleaning equipment specialists.