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Genie® Superlift Advantage lifts are purpose-built, manually operated material lifts that offer multiple load-handling options. The Genie Superlift Advantage SLA-10 lift can be ordered with a versatile, adjustable straddle base that is ideal for handling wide loads, as well as narrow doorways, and can be loaded easily into the bed of a pickup truck.


  • Easy to set up quickly without tools in just seconds
  • Removable attachments for easy storage and loading
  • Multiple load-handling options
  • Can be loaded easily into the bed of a pickup truck 
  • Capacity: 1,000 lb | 454 kg
  • Machine Weight: 260 lb | 118 kg
  • Max Lift Height: 11 ft 5.5 in | 3.49 m
  • Stowed Height: 6 ft 6.5 in | 1.99 m

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