Railcar Movers

MH Equipment is a certified dealer of Rail King and Tractive Power railcar movers serving the Midwest. With our selection of dual-direction and full-width cab railcar movers, you’ll be able to support in-plant railcar switching operations efficiently across your warehouses and production facilities. At MH Equipment, we’re ready to partner with you to find material handling solutions for your business challenges. Meet with our highly trained team to find railcars to move even your heaviest loads.

Find out more about Rail King and Tractive Power services and offerings at MH Equipment, get in touch with us, and learn more about the Rail King Advantage and Tractive Power technology.

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Rail King Railcar Movers for Sale

We carry railcar movers from top brands like Rail King because we know you’ll be able to rely on them to get your jobs done. Check out our new and used railcar movers for sale, or visit your local dealership to see the machinery in person.

Rail King Railcar Mover Rentals

We understand that purchasing railcars might not make sense for your business. During seasonal spikes or unexpected projects, you may need additional equipment for only a short period of time. MH Equipment offers rental Rail King railcar movers for when you need them. Rather than purchasing, renting cuts costs and overhead—letting you try out the newest Rail King machines.

Railcar Mover Parts & Maintenance

Our goal at MH Equipment is to be your trusted partner from your purchase through the life of your railcar mover. We offer service and maintenance with OEM railcar mover parts to prolong the life of your equipment. Additionally, we offer training classes that teach proper safety techniques.

Rail King Railcar Mover Dealerships

MH Equipment has full-service railcar mover dealerships across the Midwest. Call your nearest location for reliable, transparent service and the highest quality equipment from Rail King.