Burden Carriers Rental

Increase your transportation capacity with a burden carrier rental. With short- and long-term rental options available, you can get the burden carrier you want for the exact length of time you need it. Let our experienced team of equipment managers help you find the right industrial vehicle for your specific task or project. Visit an MH Equipment dealership near you to learn more about how your business could benefit from a burden carrier rental.

Find a Rental Location Near You

Having 29 servicing locations in IL, IN, IA, KY, MO, NE, PA, SD, OH, & WV allows us to swiftly service any needs.


Popular Rental Equipment

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    Motrec M360
    • Lights: LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights
    • Seats: Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
    • Steering: Automotive steering wheel
  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@7445abbb
    Cushman Titan HD
    • 2- passenger models
    • 21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb capacity cargo bed
    • 4,600-lb towing capacity
  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@53c5703a
    Motrec M480
    • Body: All-steel unibody construction. Powder Coating.
    • Controller: AC Electronic speed controller
    • Suspension: Dual leaf springs on front and rear
  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@29729bec
    Cushman Stock Chaser
    • 9.6-sq-ft cargo deck
    • 1,000-lb payload
    • Optional 4- or 6-step ladder

Rental Locations for Burden Carriers

When you need to extend your load carrying abilities, turn to the experts at MH Equipment. You’ll find a great selection of Motrec and Cushman industrial burden carriers at all our dealerships across the Midwest. From single-passenger models to extended hauling capacity options, our experienced staff can help find the right burden carrier rental for your business. Call or stop by an MH Equipment dealership today!