Personnel Transport Rental

Get more done with a personnel transport rental. Personnel transport vehicles are built to move crew members and site visitors smoothly and safely. Our wide selection of vehicles from Motrec and Cushman ensures you will find the right rental for your personnel transport needs. All MH Equipment vehicles are serviced regularly by our expert technicians so you never have to worry about vehicle maintenance. Visit a dealership near you to find out more about a personnel transport rental.

Find a Rental Location Near You

Having 29 servicing locations in IL, IN, IA, KY, MO, NE, PA, SD, OH, & WV allows us to swiftly service any needs.


Popular Rental Equipment

  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@6b3f9aa
    Motrec MP-200
    • Motor: 1.5 hp
    • Safety: Reverse alarm, deadman seat switch, horn
    • Seats: Bucket seat on slide adjusters
  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@267f017
    Motrec MP-500
    • Body: 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame
    • Controller: Electronic speed controller
    • Drive Axle: Differential with automotive ring gear
  • com.adpearance.foursite.entity.File@2ff33f9c
    Cushman Shuttle 2
    • Seating for two 
    • Available in gas or electric
    • 1,200- lb capacity

Keep Rolling with Personnel Transport Parts

MH Equipment has the extensive parts inventory and highly trained staff to keep your fleet of industrial vehicles up and running. The parts and service department at MH Equipment also offers 24/7 emergency road service so you never have to worry if you run into problems with your industrial vehicles. With 33 total and 29 servicing locations throughout the Midwest, you’re sure to find a dealership and service center close to you. Call MH Equipment or request service online to make an appointment today.