Railcar Movers Rental

We understand the importance of mobility and efficiency when transporting railcars. We have new and used Rail King railcar movers for sale, available in dual-direction or full-width cab models, so you’re sure to find the right one for the job. Able to support the heaviest loads, these machines can handle up to 49,250 lbs. of tractive effort, which is available in our largest model. All the newest models are available to rent, so you can check them out without depleting your budget.

The MH Equipment Advantage
Why You Should Choose MH Equipment for Rental Railcar Movers

  • Short- and long- term rentals for any need

  • Variety of options for visibility, cab style, and tractive effort

  • Periodic railcar mover service to keep rentals performing at their peak

  • Professional railcar mover operator training to ensure your safety on the equipment

Find a Rental Location Near You

Having 29 servicing locations in IL, IN, IA, KY, MO, NE, PA, SD, OH, & WV allows us to swiftly service any needs.


Popular Rental Equipment

  • Dual-Direction Cab
    Dual-Direction Cab

    Dual-direction cab railcar movers from MH Equipment are capable of navigating both roads and rails, and can simplify your most challenging jobs with dual-direction controls and 360-degree visibility.

  • Full-Width Cab
    Full-Width Cab

    MH Equipment's line of full-width cab railcar movers for rent includes models with a maximum tractive effort of 49,250 lbs so you can take on the heaviest railcar moving tasks.

Railcar Mover Dealership Locations

At each of our train car mover dealerships across the Midwest, we carry the full line of Rail King train car movers, available to rent when you need them. Visit a Rail King dealership from Nebraska to Pennsylvania, and let us partner with you to find the right railcar movers that will keep your business moving forward.