Scrubbers Rental

Clean up the workplace easily and effectively with a PowerBoss scrubber from MH Equipment. The all-in-one cleaning and drying system on each scrubber ensures the job is done right the first time around. At MH Equipment, we offer both walk-behind and riding floor scrubbers to cater to your business needs. With flexible rental options available, you can get the industrial cleaning equipment you need, when you need it, for both easy and intensive clean-up jobs around your facility. Get in touch with us to learn more about renting floor scrubbers.

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Having 29 servicing locations in IL, IN, IA, KY, MO, NE, PA, SD, OH, & WV allows us to swiftly service any needs.


Popular Rental Equipment

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    Admiral 26

    Available in both cylindrical and disc configurations, the Admiral 26 rider scrubber features computer-controlled brushes that follow the contour of the floor.

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    Admiral 38C

    The Admiral 38C provides sweeping, intensive scrubbing, and perfect vacuuming in one pass. This machine is easy to use and super productive with exceptional traction and maneuverability.

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    Phoenix 24

    The Phoenix 24 is a disc model equipped with Aqua-Stop. The Phoenix 24 has a cylindrical brush deck with integrated sweeping function. The cylindrical deck is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting.

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    Phoenix 3030

    The Phoenix 3030 is a compact brush scrubber with a 30" cleaning path and features two 15" disc brushes equipped with Aqua-Stop brushes.

Locations Throughout the Midwest

MH Equipment has been providing top-performing material handling equipment to communities across the Midwest since 1952. By offering both new and used equipment for sale or rent from industry-leading brands, we strive to help each of our customers achieve their unique business goals. Each of our full-service locations offers a range of equipment, a large inventory of parts, and exceptional support from highly trained staff members. Visit one of our 33 total and 29 servicing locations near you to begin a partnership with MH Equipment today.