• Meet Brad Klosterman – Material Handling Specialist, Cincinnati, OH

    Introducing… Brad Klosterman!  Brad is a Material Handling Specialist and has been with MH Equipment in Cincinnati since August 1, 2011 when MH Equipment acquired Yale Materials Handling in a deal that would make MH Equipment one of the first dual-brand dealerships in Ohio.

    Brad says the most satisfying thing about working for MH Equipment has been the unquestioned support he’s received from everyone since joining the team.  He appreciates the fact that everyone supports what he is trying to do.

    The Class II part of our business – Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle trucks really spark Brad’s interests because applications for this product usually require a deeper level of involvement with the customers’ business as well a high level of attention to detail.  Brad says this really affords him the opportunity to add value to what the customer is trying to accomplish.

    Over the years Brad has been involved in a number of sales but the most unique was an application for the Department of Energy.  They needed to vertically transport barrels of waste product related to the processing of uranium.  Brad ended up selling them a mast assembly – no forklift – which was mounted to the floor and used essentially as an elevator for the barrels.

    Brad celebrated 10 years of marriage to his wife Jennifer this last spring.  Together they have two children, Macy is 7 and their son Kellan is 6.  As a family they enjoy doing anything outdoors – soccer, baseball, going to the park, nature walks – you name it! They also enjoy movie night on Saturdays with the kids.  Brad has recently taught himself to play guitar.  He says it’s important to him to expose his children to music at a young age. When he has downtime he loves spending it with his kids.  It doesn’t matter what they are doing as long as they are doing it together.  Brad also likes to play golf (although he says he doesn’t get to very often anymore) and he enjoys staying physically active and working out.

    Brad says he’s been a Cincinnati Reds fan for as long as he can remember – even when he was a kid growing up in Illinois!  He and his family would go to Chicago at least once a year when the Reds were playing the Cubs.  He must have had a little premonition that he was going to live in Cincinnati one day because he moved there after he graduated from College!

    Brad says the best thing about working for MH Is getting the support of what a large corporation can offer combined with the feeling of working for a smaller company.

    Thank you for sharing a little about yourself with us Brad!  All of us within the MH Family welcome you and look forward to sharing in your successes!

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