• How a Mobile Tire Press Reduces Downtime

    Imagine you’re working in your warehouse, overseeing your fleet and productivity like you do every day. Things are running smoothly until the dreaded ‘downtime’ comes knocking.

    As you’re going through your daily checklist you examine the tires of one of your forklifts and notice the tread is all but gone. How could that have happened so quickly you wonder? You swear it wasn’t that bad a week ago.

    You consider delaying the repair, but you know what would happen if you waited. You know bare tires in your line of work is an accident waiting to happen.

    You have two options.

    • Call a traditional tire pressing service.

      They will send someone to come out and remove the tires from your unit. They will take those tires back to their shop press on new tires. That afternoon or the next day, they will return the tires and reinstall them on your forklift.

      The problem is, you have an order to fill and customers to take care of. Pressing the tires will have to wait until tomorrow.

      But tomorrow comes and you find out another truck is down, needing repairs. You can’t schedule tire pressing when you’re already down one unit-- it will have to wait until tomorrow. On and on goes the maintenance delaying.

      • Call MH Equipment right away.

      In select locations, our mobile tire press will help you minimize downtime without delaying critical forklift maintenance. Here’s how the scenario will play out: You call MH Equipment when you notice the tread on your forklift tires is wearing thin (or you schedule it well in advance).

      We get the details about your unit, gather the necessary parts, and dispatch a representative in our mobile tire press. They come and work on your unit at your location. No extra trips, no back and forth. No “we’ll see you later this week.”

      MH comes to you with the right equipment and a qualified professional and takes care of your needs on the spot. Then we pack up our gear and you return to filling the order right on time. Now your boss sees how valuable you are. You filled the order and you completed the maintenance on time. It’s a win-win.

      How to know it’s time for tire pressing?

      This depends largely on the number of hours you spend using the unit, what purposes you use it for and the surface you drive on and a number of other factors.

      If you’re outside a normal schedule for tire maintenance, an expert tip we often share with our customers is to look at the lettering on the side of the tire. If the wear is to the top of the lettering, it’s time to replace the tires by calling to schedule tire pressing.

      Benefits of a Mobile Tire Press

      A regular tire press is a great option to keep your unit running safely and smoothly, and in fact MH uses a traditional tire press model at many of our locations. But at select locations we have a mobile option, so if you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area or the Des Moines, Iowa area be sure to take advantage of these added benefits.

      • Minimize downtime – we do the maintenance at your location so you have as little as downtime as possible.
      • Convenience – no need to rearrange your workload for a week because a unit is out for repair, we’ll have the whole process done in a matter of hours.
      • Customer Service—MH Equipment provides you with professional service from highly qualified technicians every time. We’ll do the job right, and we’ll treat you right through the entire tire replacement process.
      • According to your Schedule – If you have an immediate need, we can often fit you into our schedule, but you can also put the maintenance on your calendar well in advance. We’re flexible and here to meet your needs.
      • Any Make, Any Tire – Our experts will find the right tire for you and your unit no matter the make or model.
      • One call—MH does more than tire pressing. We also have a fully stocked parts department. Make one call to MH and we’ll have you covered.
      • Dispose of old tires – when we say convenient, we mean as little work as possible for you. We’ll not only replace your tires; we’ll dispose of the old tires as well.
      • Any weather—our mobile tire press is in a fully enclosed truck. This means we can complete the process anywhere and in any weather.

      The MH Guarantee

      It’s frustrating to call a tire pressing company for a quote only to find some hidden fees tacked onto the end of your bill. At MH we quote everything, so there are no hidden fees and no surprises.

      What to expect

      • Expect to have your unit back in service in hours instead of days.
      • Expect to remain focused on your work instead of on tire maintenance.
      • Expect quality. You’ve trusted the process to the experts.

      So what are you waiting for? Schedule your tire pressing or other maintenance now by calling 888-564-2191.

      It’s time to take your safety seriously and show downtime who’s boss.

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