• Spring into Safety

    Last Sunday was the first day of Spring. While the weather may not feel like spring- there is no denying that warmer weather is right around the corner. With warmer weather brings outdoor activities. The bicycles beckon, baseball games are in full swing and shoppers push carts laden with mulch and potting soil, rakes and trowels and flats of brightly colored flowers. Spring is here and those winter days of lounging on the sofa with a soda in one hand and the TV remote in the other, are over.

    Spring is the season for tuning up your lawn mower and other tools that may have grown creaky from disuse during winter. Just like you shouldn’t rev up the engine in your car from 0 to 90 mph (because of engine damage)- you shouldn’t do the same to your body (which is an even more complex machine).

    Here’s how to prevent strains and sprains at home or work.

    Heart Strain: Doctors are most concerned with the weekend warriors. These people don’t do anything all week due to lifestyle and then on the weekend they work or excercise to the extreme in order to make up for lost time. They are at risk for muscle strain and/or heart attack.

    These safety tips may seem like common sense- but we could always use little reminders to help us to be Safe in the Moment. Don’t take safety or your health for granted. A simple should strain or sprain could mean time off work.

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    Do you have any tips for easing into spring activities?

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